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subfamily caesalpinioideae

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... Subfamily Caesalpinioideae: Members of the subfamily Caesalpinioideae have flowers that are bilateral, typically with five distinct petals, upper petal (banner) enveloped in the bud by the lateral wings. This subfamily ... the subfamily Caesalpinioideae, and the flower resembles an orchid more than a pea. See The Hong Kong Orchid Tree 3. Subfamily Mimosoideae: Members of the subfamily Mimosoideae ...

... "male and female." Caesalpinia is also the type genus for the entire subfamily Caesalpinioideae, a group of closely-related legumes which have flower buds with ... typical pea-shaped (papilionaceous) blossoms of subfamily Papilionoideae, or the congested, stamen-clustered flowers of the subfamily Mimosoideae. The subfamily Caesalpinioideae includes many familiar trees including Bauhinia (orchid tree ...
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Afzelia quanzensis
... Afzelia quanzensis Welw. Family : Fabaceae (subfamily Caesalpinioideae) Common names : pod mahogany, lucky bean tree ( Eng. ); peulmahonie (Afr.); iNkehli (Zulu); Mambakofi (Swahili ... w here the tree was first found. Afzelia quanzensis is a member the subfamily Caesalpinioideae (the Bauhinia subfamily). Members are characterized by alternate paripinnate leaves with usually opposite leaflets. Stipules ...

Bauhinia bowkeri
... Bauhinia bowkeri Bauhinia bowkeri Harv. Family: Fabaceae (Pea & Bean Family / Leguminosae) Subfamily: Caesalpinioideae (Caesalpiniaceae) Common Names: Kei White Bauhinia, Bowker's Bauhinia, Keibeesklou, umDlandlovu (Xhosa) Bauhinia bowkeri is ...
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... outside wings; keel petals fused. Includes most important legume crops, including beans and peas. Caesalpinioideae - flowers zygomorphic and may be papilionaceous. Banner positioned within wings; keel petals unfused. ... usually borne in dense clusters and having showy stamens. Alternatively considered to be a subfamily of the legume family (Fabaceae) known as the Mimosoideae. The taxonomy at dmoz. ...

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