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bauhinia bowkeri

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Bauhinia bowkeri
... Bauhinia bowkeri Bauhinia bowkeri Harv. Family: Fabaceae (Pea & Bean Family / Leguminosae) Subfamily: Caesalpinioideae (Caesalpiniaceae) Common Names: Kei White Bauhinia, Bowker's Bauhinia, Keibeesklou, umDlandlovu (Xhosa) Bauhinia bowkeri ... Kaap, Bauhinia bowkeri is the most striking and although still uncommon in cultivation, it is gaining popularity. Growing Bauhinia bowkeri Bauhinia bowkeri is ...

Bauhinia tomentosa
... are in cultivation including the well-know Pride of De Kaap - Bauhinia galpinii and Bauhinia bowkeri. The specie name “tomentosa” means hairy and it refers to the velvety ... coughs, convulsions and constipation to pneumonia and venereal diseases. ( Bauhinia galpinii, Bauhinia thonningii, Bauhinia petersiana) Growing Bauhinia tomentosa Bauhinia tomentosa is deciduous, but can be evergreen in a mild ...
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