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nickernut shrub

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... Text And Photos Of Nickernuts 1. Read About The Amazing Tropical Nickernut Shrub 2. See Spiny Pods & Leaves Of Spiny Nickernut Shrub 3. See Necklaces And Earrings Made From Nickernuts 4. See Nickernuts ... attachment scar and faint concentric striations. See The Spiny Pods And Leaves Of A Nickernut Shrub Caesalpinia is a large genus in the pea family (Fabaceae) containing over 200 species ...

Drift Seeds and Drift Fruits
... sp.), U. red mangrove (Rhizophora mangle), V. sea bean (Mucuna urens), W. gray nickernut (Caesalpinia bonduc), X. yellow nickernut (probably Caesalpinia ciliata or C. major), Y. dog almond (Andira inermis), Z. coconut ... nut," so called because no useful purpose is known for the "nuts" of this endemic shrub. This shrub (or small tree) is also called "marble tree" because of the hard, woody, seed ...
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