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lower margin

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The Cycad Pages
... produced by most species, aerial branching uncommon. Leaves: pinnate, spirally arranged, interspersed with cataphylls, lower leaflets often reduced to spines. Petioles lacking prickles, usually swollen at the base, ... degrees) acute (less than 45 degrees) Upper margin entire (no teeth) lightly toothed (1-3 teeth) heavily toothed (more than 3 teeth) Lower margin entire (no teeth) lightly toothed (1- ...

Encephalartos aemulans
... , overlapping downwards, not lobed, insertion angle obtuse (45-80); margins flat; upper margin lightly toothed (1-3 teeth); lower margin lightly toothed (1-3 teeth); median leaflets 12-15 cm long, 16-18 ...
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Cycad Society SA: Encephalartos aemulans
... the base of the leaf. The median pinnae either do not overlap or the lower margin overlaps the upper margin of the pinna below it. The median pinnae are 125mm to 150mm long ... are offset and spinescent, with 2 to 3 teeth on the upper margin and 1 to 2 on the lower margin. Pollen and seed cones are sessile and very simmilar. The specific epithet ...

Cycad Society SA: Encephalartos arenarius
... 1m tall, but in its habitat the lower part of the stem is usually covered ... lower margin. The upper margin is usually smooth, but may occasionally have one tooth. The lobes are in the same plane as the leaflet or slightly twisted. The lower ... margin and one or two teeth or lobes or the lower margin. The leaflets overlap in the top part where they are attached to the rachis in the form of a "V". Lower ...
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Turbinicarpus Information Exchange - Description of T. schmiedickeanus ssp. klinkerianus
... tip of the tubercle, with a little wool, soon becoming bare. Spines 3, at the lower margin of the areole, the lowest the longest, at most 9 mm long, the 2 smaller ...

Key to Arisaemas of Japan
... , declined, or ascending anteriorly 8A. Leaflets always 3, with many sub-translucent papillae on margin; Spathe-blade acuminate A. ternatipartitum 8B. Leaflets 3-15, pedate, margins entire or loosely ... Honshu A. angustatum 33B. Spadix-appendage cylindric; Spathe-blade declined; leaflets 11-13 in the lower one, entire; Kyushu A. koshikiense 34A. (31) Leaflets pedate on the well-developed rachis ...

Key to Arisaemas of Japan
... petiolate). Leaves 1 or 2 (if 2, lower one distinctly larger than upper one) rather thick, lusterous above, entire. (8) 7. Leaflets papillose on margin. Sapthe blade leaf-like. Plants stoloniferous ... papillose inside, or spadix appendix creased in upper part. (28) 27. Spathe smooth except margin. Spadix appendix smooth. (29) 28. Spathe blade papillose spadix appendix smooth. A. yamatense (Nakai) ...
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Rust Rust Rust pustules on this leaf have a clear gradient of infection, extending from the site of initial infection at the lower leaf margin (where the pustules are more concentrated) through to the other side of the leaf. BACK COURSE GLOSSARY CONTENTS REFERENCES SEARCH

Safe Use of Glyphosate-containing Products in Aquatic and Upland Natural Areas
... is an issue of drift or contact with temporary pockets of water. Concentration much lower than that resulting from maximum application rates are expected. When spot treatments of herbicide ... When applying glyphosate-containing products containing POEA to upland natural areas, there is a wide margin of safety to amphibians and other wildlife relative to toxic levels and realistic potential ... - Madagascar Dragontree, Rainbow Tree, Red-margin Dracaena
... com - Madagascar Dragontree, Rainbow Tree, Red-margin Dracaena House Plant Guide Madagascar Dragontree (Dracaena marginata) Other common Names Rainbow Tree, Red-margin Dracaena Light Medium Care level Easy Water Moderately ... is a beautiful plant with long, slender, grass-like leaves. Mature plants will lose lower leaves over time, and their stems may develop a twisting appearance. Some varieties of ...

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