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intercepting vegetation

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Safe Use of Glyphosate-containing Products in Aquatic and Upland Natural Areas
... at the highest label rate to water 15 cm (5.4 in) deep with no intercepting vegetation (an unlikely scenario). In another study (Relyea 2005b), an application of the maximum rate of ... of juvenile terrestrial amphibians to simulate a direct application to an agricultural field with no intercepting vegetation. Across all species, only 21% of the glyphosate-treated amphibians survived after one day, and ...

FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA - Volume 1, Chapter 1
... physiography, and geology play major roles in determining the distributions of present-day soil classes, vegetation types, floras, and faunas. Biogeographers agree that climate is the primary factor in the ... masses (fig. 1.1). The major effect of the high Cordillera on climate is in intercepting large-scale patterns of air circulation. The prevailing, low-altitude winds at midlatitudes (30--65 ...

Liriodendron tulipifera L
... year, and these small seedlings were not as well able to compete with the rank vegetation that started the previous year. Nevertheless, cuttings in summer months usually have produced sufficient ... damage young trees by breaking limbs and tops, twisting and bending the main stem, and intercepting solar radiation. The result is reduced growth, malformation of stem and crown, and sometimes death ...