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lateral leaflets

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Key to Arisaemas of Japan
... lateral; leaflets somewhat palmate, without a rachis; Kyushu. A.nanum 11B. Scape 15-50 cm long. 12A. Lateral leaflets 3-8 on each side; rachis, at least the lower part, well developed (14) 12B. Lateral leaflets ... lower ones (37) 34B. Leaflets palmate on the scarcely developed rachis; scape longer than the leaves 35A. Leaflets 5 A. nikkoense 35B. Leaflets more than 5 36A. Leaflets 5-7, not variegated, ...

Key to Arisaemas of Japan
... Leaflets always 3, sessile. Leaves 2, of equal size. (7) 6. Leaflets more than (3-) 5 (if 3, lateral leaflets petiolate). Leaves 1 or 2 (if 2, lower one distinctly larger than upper one) rather thick, lusterous above, entire. (8) 7. Leaflets ... ). Leaflets 5 (-7). (10) 9. Leaves pedate, rachises adjacent to terminal leaflet well developed. Leaflets ...
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Zanthoxylum americanum, American prickly ash
... -15 mm (1/5-3/5 in) long. Leaves alternate, pinnately compound, with 5-11 leaflets. Leaflets elliptic, ovate or oblong, 2-7.5 cm (0.8-3 in) in length, 1 ... green above, veins impressed, paler beneath; asymmetrical base; obtuse at apex; margins crenate or entire; lateral leaflets sessile, terminal leaflet on short petiole; rachis pubescent, becoming glabrous with age. Inflorescence an axillary ...

... appearance that may be confused with 2, 4-D type injury. Later excessive number of lateral leaflets are produced. Plants may be dwarfed or stunted. Aphids Weeds, flowers, vegetables, milkweed, ground cherry ... attenuate PVX and CMV. Potato virus Y* (PVY) Dark brown dead areas between veins in leaflets near maturity, yellowing along veins, faint mottling on leaves; petioles curved downward; stems with ...

VT Forestry I.D. Cards - paper birch
... glabra Leaf:Alternate, pinnately compound, 8 to 12 inches long, with 5 (sometimes 7) leaflets, leaflets are lanceolate and serrate, rachis slender and glabrous, green above and paler below. ... pinnately compound, 8 to 14 inches long with 5 (sometimes 7) leaflets, lateral leaflets are obovate to lanceolate, terminal leaflets are much larger than the laterals, margins serrate and ciliate, rachis stout ...

Carya ovata fact sheet
... . Koch Leaf: Alternate, pinnately compound with 5 (sometimes 7) leaflets 8 to 14 inches long. The lateral leaflets are obovate to lanceolate. The terminal leaflets are much larger than the laterals. Margins are serrate ...
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Floridata: Mahonia bealei
... about 18 in (46 cm) long with 9 to 13 stiff, sharply spiny, hollylike leaflets. The leaflets are dull grayish blue-green above and pale yellowish green below, and about 2-4 ... 1-2 in (2.5-5 cm) wide. The terminal leaflet is larger than the lateral leaflets. The fragrant lemon-yellow flowers, appearing in late winter, are borne in erect racemes 3 ... Weed Listing (Poison Oak)
... 3 inch long leaflets with two to seven deep lobes resembling oak leaves. Lateral leaflets appear without stalks on viny stems about 3 to 4 feet tall. Like poison ivy, leaflets are grouped three ...

CCE - Suffolk County: Propagation of Houseplants
... , philodendron, everblooming begonia, cactus and wax plant are propagated by rooting a vigorous terminal or lateral shoot from the parent plant. These are commonly called stem cuttings or slips. Sedum, Echeveria ... 2/94 For more information contact: Tom Kowalsick, Extension Educator - Horticulture, CCE - Suffolk County Horticulture Leaflets Online 4/03

Angiosperm Families - Bignoniaceae Juss.
... supporting, or climbing; when climbing stem twiners, or tendril climbers (via modified terminal leaflets), or root climbers; the twiners twining anticlockwise (Tecoma). Leaves opposite (mostly), or ... posterior median member and the posterior-lateral pair. Fertile stamens representing the anterior-lateral pair (mostly), or the posterior-lateral pair and the anterior-lateral pair. Stamens (2–)4( ...

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