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westport point

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Westport Point
Westport Point . Westport Point Hybridizer: Gus Melquist Cross: ?? 2002 April Photos by dcroyster

Azalea & Rhododendron List
... Tiffany Rhododendron canescens 'Camilla's Blush' Gen Nathan Bedford Forrestt Coral Bells C.O.D. Westport Point Rhododendron canescens 'Camp Grimes' George Reynolds Debonaire Calsap Windbeam Rhododendron canescens 'Varnadoe's Phlox Pink ...
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Orchid Periodicals
... the Odontoglossum Alliance. Annual dues are $15.00 US. Subscriptions: Odontoglossum Alliance PO Box 38 Westport Point MA 02791 USA The Slipper Orchid Alliance The Slipper Orchid Alliance is an international organization ...

Specialty Orchid Organizations
... in Canada, US$32 all others Benefits: Quarterly 100 page journal. Odontoglossum Alliance Box 38, Westport Point, Massachusetts 02791 Phone: 508-636-8409 Email: Web: ...
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Orchid Periodicals
... the Odontoglossum Alliance. Annual dues are $15.00 US. Contact: John Miller PO Box 38 Westport Point, Massachusetts 02791 telephone 508-636-8409; fax 508-636-6143; Email: Dues ...

The Odontoglossum Alliance
... Information Telephone 508-636-8409 FAX 508-636-6143 Postal address P.O. Box 38, Westport Point, MA 02791 Electronic mail Click here for General Information Click here to contact Webmaster Send ...

memb form
... , along with a check made out to Odontoglossum Alliance, to: Odontoglossum Alliance PO Box 38 Westport Point, MA 02791 USA Name: Address: City: State: Country: Postal Code: Phone Number: Fax Number: Email ...
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The Rosebay Homepage
... Hunting: Privilege Pleasure Posterity Capt. Richard M. SteeleNova Scotia Banana Belt Gardening Powell HuieWestport Point, MA Deer in the Garden Susan ClarkConcord, MA Native Azaleas of the East ... But It Died Ian E. M. DonovanPembroke, MA Lath Houses James Powell HuieWestport Point, MA Winter Protection of Tender Rhododendrons C.J. PattersonNorwell, MA Species Corner What ...

A Rhododendron Garden in the 'Banana Belt'
... ' A Rhododendron Garden in the 'Banana Belt' James Powell Huie Westport Point, MA In late January while Maggie and I were in Palm ... Westport Point the minimum temperatures have stayed well above the +5F mark, the day I received the e-mail the temperature in Westport Point ... between Zone 6 and Zone 7. We later returned to Westport Point the last week in February, and expected the worst. Rhododendron ...
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The World of Gourds
... 6 of Breeding Vegetable Crops, edited by M.J. Bassett. The Avi Publishing Co., Inc., Westport Conn. Gourd And Seed Sources:  American Gourd Society, Inc. P.O. Box 274 Mt. Gilead ... mate from a mate gourd, never allow the bombilla to penetrate your nasal cavity. Never point a mature squirting cucumber at someone's eyes, unless they are wearing protective goggles. Return ...

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