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gourd family

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Cucurbitaceae - Gourd Family #1
Cucurbitaceae - Gourd Family #1 Wild Muskmelon Common Name(s): Wild Muskmelon Scientific Name: Cucumis melo var. dudaim Family: Cucurbitaceae Gourd Family Flower: 1" yellow five petaled flower. Leaves: 2-5" Slightly lobed with wavy margins Plant: Trailing vine. General Comments: Small melon is a native relative of the Asian cantelope. Back to Family Index

Cucurbitaceae - Gourd Family
Cucurbitaceae - Gourd Family Cucurbitaceae - Gourd Family Flowers: Five united petals. With or without any ovary or 5 stamen. Fruit: Berry with tough rind. Leaves: Alternate, usually simple but sometimes palmately lobed. Plant: Trailing or climbing with clinging tendrils. Back to Family Index
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HortNews- May 2005
... to Webster's Dictionary, melons are "the large round fruit of various plants of the gourd family, with sweet pulpy flesh and many seeds (honeydew, cantaloupe, muskmelon)." They are vining, warm- ... Let's start with the basics. All melons are in the same family- Cucurbitaceae, the cucurbit or gourd family. This large family has more than 100 branches, including cucumbers, gourds, pumpkins, all manner ...

UCJEPS: Jepson Manual Treatment Indexes
... Family CONVOLVULACEAE ∑ Morning-glory Family CORNACEAE ∑ Dogwood Family CRASSULACEAE ∑ Stonecrop Family CROSSOSOMATACEAE ∑ Crossosoma Family CUCURBITACEAE ∑ Gourd Family CUSCUTACEAE ∑ Dodder Family DATISCACEAE ∑ Datisca Family DIPSACACEAE ∑ Teasel Family DROSERACEAE ∑ Sundew Family ELAEAGNACEAE ∑ Oleaster Family ELATINACEAE ∑ Waterwort Family EMPETRACEAE ∑ Crowberry Family ERICACEAE ∑ Heath Family ...

Plant Fibers Photos 3
... and in certain types of filters. See Article About The Gourd Family Ti plant (Cordyline fruticosa), a Polynesian member of the agave family (Agavaceae). Also known in the Hawaiian Islands as "ki," ... plant native to tropical America. Although it resembles members of the palm family (Arecaceae), it belongs to its own family, the Cyclanthaceae. It is obviously closely related to palms. Pliable fibers ...

Arboretum Images 3
... twining stems. This ingenious adaptation to prolonged drought is well developed in the gourd family (Cucurbitaceae). In fact, the wild cucumber vine (Marah macrocarpus) that climbs over shrubs ... California. Unlike edible fruits of the gourd family, called pepos, the wild cucumber is a capsule that splits open at one end. Xanthorrhoea Family (Xanthorrhoeaceae) Grass tree (Xanthorrhoea quadrangulata), ...
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Squirting elaterium
... no cultivados y junto a basureros. Ecballium elaterium - ( Squirting cucumber ) Perennial herbaceous plant of the gourd family - cucurbitaceae - till 60 cm long. Fleshy leaves, triangular or heart-shaped, rough when touched because ... American Hosta Society Online Registry and Hosta Plant Database
... puckered; great substance and good color along with white flowers make this a true specimen Family/Group AHS Show Class Old Name III - 2 Picture Location General Color Patented Hosta Journal ...

Atlanta Parent Online Magazine - Family Phone Book
... American Adventures; 770-948-9290. Pumpkin Festival. Celebrate the seasonís greatest gourd with Stone Mountainís pumpkin tree, pumpkin sculpting and talking pumpkins. Face painting, live ... mnol/ Peach Drop. Ring in the New Year with your family and the traditional 800-ton Peach Drop! Festivities for the family begin at noon, and the celebration lasts all night. Underground ...

... FAMILY AND FRIENDS Everything For a Gourdaholic Gourd Growing - Gourd Art - Basketry - Pyroengraving - Carving This page has been accessed 41693 times! Gourds by Jeanie Left ... Photo Bottom: Female Wren Bloom Top: Male Wren Bloom Gourd Shapes How We Grow Gourds Gourd Arbors Soil pH Club Gourd Gourd Artist Guild Paint with Aurelia Conway at Hummingbird Hill Basketry ...

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