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tsuga sieboldii

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Ornamental Plants plus Version 3.0 - N
... Tsuga canadensis--Canadian Hemlock Tsuga caroliniana--Carolina Hemlock Tsuga chinensis--Chinese Hemlock Tsuga diversifolia--Northern Japanese Hemlock Tsuga heterophylla--Western Hemlock Tsuga mertensiana--Mountain Hemlock Tsuga sieboldii ... NORTHERN CATALPA Catalpa speciosa--Northern Catalpa NORTHERN JAPANESE HEMLOCK Tsuga diversifolia--Northern Japanese Hemlock NORTHERN PIN OAK Quercus ellipsoidalis ...

Tree Encyclopedia N1 19.3.98 1400
... taxifolia Tsuga Carr. Tsuga Tsuga Sieboldii Carr. Tsuga is Japanese name of this species Tsuga.  Sieboldii;of Siebold,  ii, i, e are the suffix of meaning of possessive . Kometsuga Tsuga diversifolia ... diverse(English)、divers(French)、diverso(Italian)        cf. Hemlock (Beitsuga) Tsuga heterophylla ,Tsuga canadensis Peceae A.Dietr. Ezomatsu Picea jezoensis Carr. Picea is derived ...

MOMI Momi Abies firma An evergreen tall tree with gray and smooth bark Leaves are pectinated,firm and bifid at the apex. This species forms natural coniferous forests with Tsuga Sieboldii in temperate zone. The wood is white and used for buildings, packing boxes, paper pulp and coffins. Distribution ; Honshu,Shikoku,Kyushu GYMNOSPERMAE Top Content Japanese Name Index Scientific Name Index
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pollen grain morphology hemlock
... hemlock Tsuga heterophylla and T. canadensis (Pinaceae) Tsuga heterophylla L.Brubaker Gymnosperm Database, C.Earl Tsuga canadensis Kapp's 1969 UofAz Palynology Tsuga canadensis Museum Univ. Nebraska Lincoln Plant: ... of Asian hemlocks. Tsuga forrestii is illustrated in Erdtman (1957) as both monosaccate and bisaccate, but T. chinensis, T. diversifolia, T. dumosa, T. pattoniana, T. sieboldii, and T. ...

MBG Kemper Center PlantFinder
... Tsuga canadensis Hemlock, Canadian - Tsuga canadensis 'Bennett' Hemlock, Canadian - Tsuga canadensis 'Betty Rose' Hemlock, Canadian - Tsuga canadensis 'Brandley' Hemlock, Canadian - Tsuga canadensis 'Gentsch White' Hemlock, Canadian - Tsuga canadensis 'Gracilis' Hemlock, Canadian - Tsuga canadensis 'Lewis' Hemlock, Canadian - Tsuga ... 'Elegans' Hosta - Hosta sieboldii 'Kabitan' Hosta - Hosta ' ...

SNP, Botanische Tuinen Utrecht
... procedures Missie en doelen Links Tips home |contact | Utrecht Botanische Tuinen [27] Aanwezige NP collectie: Tsuga spp [Coniferae, Dennenfamilie] Grootte van de collectie: 1 geslacht, 6 soorten/variテォteiten ... samenwerking in binnen- en buitenland: De collectie bevat zowel Aziatische [T. diversifolia en T. sieboldii uit Japan en T. chinensis uit China] als Amerikaanse soorten als T. mertensiana en ...

Fine Gardening Pronunciation Guide
... tah) Magnolia grandiflora (mag-NO-lee-ah gran-dih-FLOOR-ah) Magnolia sieboldii (mag-NO-lee-ah see-BOLD-ee-eye) Magnolia x soulangeana ( ... PRAY-ti-ah ped-unk-yew-LAY-tah) Primula (PRIM-yew-lah) Primula sieboldii (PRIM-yew-lah see-BOLD-ee-eye) Prunus caroliniana (PREW-nus kare ... ex kul-TOR-um) Tropaeolum majus (tro-pay-OH-lum MAY-jus) Tsuga canadensis (SOO-gah kan-ah-DEN-sis) Tulbaghia violacea (tul-BAG- ...

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