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pine pinus

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Pine, Pinus spp. Disease Index
Pine, Pinus spp. Disease Index PINE Pinus spp. Disease Index Annosus Root Rot Brown Spot Needle Blight Cotton Root Rot Fusiform Rust Needlecast Needle Curl Needle Rust Pitch Canker Seedling Blight Sphaeropsis Blight Wood Rots January, 1996

Landowner Fact Sheets - jack pine
... Fact Sheets - jack pine jack pine Pinus banksiana Jack pine is found in northern forests, primarily in Canada. It is the most northerly occuring of pine species also found in the U.S. It ... cones open and seed-in the burned, cleared area. Pinus Latin name for pine from Greek "pitus". banksiana after botanist Joseph Banks. Home - Pinus banksiana I.D. Fact Sheet - US Forest Silvics - Additional ...

Landowner Fact Sheets - lodgepole pine
... pine lodgepole pine Pinus contorta Lodgepole pine is a widely distributed, slender crowned western conifer of significant timber value. It is also a common component of many recreation and wildlife areas. Lodgepole pine ... open. Several varieties of lodgepole pine are recognized. Pinus Latin name for pine from Greek "pitus". contorta twisted Latin "torque" (to twist). Home - Pinus contorta I.D. Fact ...
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Slash Pine
... Pine Pinus elliottii Engelm. slash pine *Nomenclature: Pinus taeda L. var. heterophylla Ell., Sketch Bot. S.-Car. Ga. 2: 636. 1824. Pinus elliottii Engelm. ex Vasey, Cat. Forest Trees U ... Caroina and Georgia. OTHER COMMON NAMES: southern pine, yellow slash pine, swamp pine, pitch pine, Cuban pine. Formerly included under Pinus caribaea Morelet, Caribbean pine, a closely related species of Bahama ...

Spruce Pine
... Pine Pinus glabra Walt. spruce pine *Nomenclature: Pinus glabra Walt., Fl. Carol. 237. 1788. DERIVATION: Glabrous, or smooth, referring to the smoothish bark. OTHER COMMON NAMES: cedar pine, poor pine, Walter pine, bottom white pine ... forms pure stands, and they are of limited commercial use. Unlike most pine trees, spruce pine is shade tolerant and often established in a hardwood understory of oaks ...
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Phosphorus and nitrogen limitations to photosynthesis in Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine (Pinus aristata) in Colorado
... and nitrogen limitations to photosynthesis in Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine (Pinus aristata) in Colorado Home Editors Contents Contribute Subscribe Contact Tree Physiology, 26:1477–1486 ... Canada [ PDF ] [ Return to Contents ] Phosphorus and nitrogen limitations to photosynthesis in Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine (Pinus aristata) in Colorado Richard L. Boyce (1, 2), Jennifer R. Larson (3, 4) and ...

Mugo Pine
... Pine Mugo Pine (Swiss Mountain Pine) - Pinus mugo General Information: Mugo Pine is a shrub or small, round or broad ... sufficient roots. Pests and diseases: Pests: Mugo Pine is a favored host for Pine sawfly and Pine needle scale. Some adelgids will appear as white ... : Diplodia tip blight is a common problem and Mugo Pine is very sensitive. This pine is susceptible to rusts. Canker diseases may rarely ...

Japanese White Pine
... White Pine Japanese White Pine - Pinus parviflora General information: Japanese White Pine creates a striking landscape element wherever it is used. Often seen as a dense, conical form when young, Japanese White Pine ... grow in groups of five, so this tree is also known as "five-needle pine", especially the cultivar P. pentaphylla. Family: Pinaceae Lighting: Full sun. Temperature: Zone 4B to ...
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The Pine Family of Trees in the Sierra Nevada
... pine: One-leaf pinyon pine (Pinus monophylla). Two-needle pine: Lodgepole Pine (P. contorta). Three-needle pines: Gray (or "foothill" or "Digger") Pine (P. sabiniana). Jeffrey Pine (P. jeffreyi). Knobcone Pine (P. attenuata). Ponderosa Pine (P. ponderosa). Washoe Pine ...

The Pine Families of Trees in Southern California
... pine: One-leaf pinyon pine (Pinus monophylla). Two-needle pines: Lodgepole Pine (P. contorta). Bishop Pine (P. muricata). Santa Cruz Island Pine (P. remorata). Nut Pine (P. edulis). Three-needle pines: Coulter Pine (P. coulteri). Gray Pine ...
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