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radicle protrusion

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The Seed Biology Place - Seed Structure and Anatomy
... promoter studies and by genetic ablation. The micropylar endosperm surrounds the radicle tip and is the place of radicle protrusion during germination. The embryos are straight or slightly bent and the ... structure consisting of endosperm and testa covers the radicle tip. This micropylar cap of Solanoideae-type seeds is the place of radicle protrusion, but there is no visible distinction beween testa ...

The Seed Biology Place - Seed germination
... Radicle protrusion at the completion of seed germination depends on embryo growth driven by water uptake. Cell elongation is necessary and is generally accepted to be sufficient for the completion of radicle protrusion, cell division is not essential. Thus, germination is both a process and an event; visible protrusion of the radicle tip through all ...
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