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endospermic seed structure

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The Seed Biology Place - Seed Structure and Anatomy
... : model species in seed biology Endospermic seed structure: Brassicaceae - Arabidopsis thaliana Endospermic seed structure: Brassicaceae - Lepidium sativum Endospermic seed structure: Cestroidae subgroup of Solanaceae - tobacco and other Nicotiana-species Endospermic seed structure: Solanoidae subgroup of Solanaceae - tomato and pepper Non-endospermic seed structure: Fabaceae - pea and ...

Angiosperm Families - Aralidiaceae Philipson and Stone
... with staminodes (five). Gynoecium of male flowers absent. Inflorescence, floral, fruit and seed morphology. Flowers aggregated in ‘inflorescences’; in panicles. The terminal inflorescence unit ... seeded. Seeds endospermic. Endosperm ruminate. Cotyledons 2. Embryo small, at the micropylar end. Physiology, biochemistry. Iridoids detected; ‘Route I’ type (cf. Griselinia in structure). Arthroquinones ...

Angiosperm Families - Aristolochiaceae Juss.
... the pith and primary medullary rays are unusually dilated, deforming the secondarily thickened structure). Xylem with fibre tracheids, or without fibre tracheids. Vessel end-walls simple. Primary ... at the top), or splitting irregularly. Seeds endospermic. Endosperm ruminate, or not ruminate; oily. Embryo rudimentary at the time of seed release to weakly differentiated. Embryo achlorophyllous (2/ ...
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The Seed Biology Place - Seed Evolution
... Seed Structure Seed Evolution Seed Germination Seed Dormancy After-ripening Plant Hormones Endosperm weakening Water relations ß-1,3-Glucanases Seed Technology Seed Ecology Seed Dictionary Seed evolution Early seed evolution - The origin of the plant seed Angiosperm seed ...

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