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Pine Needle Scale
... August to control any survivors. There are several chemical controls available for control of pine needle scale. They include: malathion, dimethoate (Cygon), diazinon, or carbaryl (Sevin). (Malathion should not ... directions on the label and follow all safety precautions specified for that product. SOURCES: Pine Needle Scale by D.S. Kusch; Northern Forest Research Centre; 1977. The Scale Insect: ...

Pine, Pinus spp. Disease Index
Pine, Pinus spp. Disease Index PINE Pinus spp. Disease Index Annosus Root Rot Brown Spot Needle Blight Cotton Root Rot Fusiform Rust Needlecast Needle Curl Needle Rust Pitch Canker Seedling Blight Sphaeropsis Blight Wood Rots January, 1996

Pine There are five needles to a bundle There are mostly four needles to a bundle There are three needles to a bundle The needles are in pairs

Mugo Pine
... roots. Pests and diseases: Pests: Mugo Pine is a favored host for Pine sawfly and Pine needle scale. Some adelgids will appear as ... . All types produce honeydew which may support sooty mold. European Pine shoot moth causes young shoots to fall over. Infested shoots ... Diplodia tip blight is a common problem and Mugo Pine is very sensitive. This pine is susceptible to rusts. Canker diseases may rarely ...

Japanese White Pine
... Often seen as a dense, conical form when young, Japanese White Pine develops into a 25 to 50-foot-tall, graceful, irregularly-shaped ... of five, so this tree is also known as "five-needle pine", especially the cultivar P. pentaphylla. Family: Pinaceae Lighting: Full sun. Temperature ... pines. Because of the rugged quality of the five-needle pine, a strong rectangular pot should be used. Pines need a deep ...
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Canary Islands Pine Forests
... ‘The Dragon Tree’? Canarina Canariensis Dracaena Draco Phoenix Canariensis For more information click here. Pine Forest Habitat Introduction The xerophilous mountain vegetation, developing above the area shrouded in fog ... and Micromeria varia are more bound to the degraded areas of the pine forests, where there are fewer pine-trees. The largest extensions of this kind of vegetation can be ...

Wollemi Pine - Wollemia nobilis - Dinosaur Tree
... Shade and Ornamental Trees > Natives > Wollemi Pine WOLLEMI PINE, Wollemia nobilis The Wollemi Pine or Dinosaur Tree is one of the ... of the Araucariaceae family which include the Kauri Pine, Hoop Pine and the Bunya Pine. The Wollemi is unique from the other ... & Guide Preview Wollemi Pine Sites relating to: Wollemi Pine Add Yours - the official home of the Wollemi Pine Updated: 25th ...

How to Wire a Pine Cone -
... Garden » Decorating and Design » Holidays and Special Occasions How to Wire a Pine Cone comment digg it print email Rate ... . Instructions STEP 1: Gather evergreen cones from under pine, redwood, cedar, sugar pine, or other evergreen trees. The scales on the ... Paddle Wire Topics Addressed crafts christmas pine cones christmas how to make a wreath using pine cones for decoration Report This ...

The Pine Family of Trees in the Sierra Nevada
... Pine (P. sabiniana). Jeffrey Pine (P. jeffreyi). Knobcone Pine (P. attenuata). Ponderosa Pine (P. ponderosa). Washoe Pine (P. washoensis). Rare. Five-needle pines: Foxtail Pine (P. balfouriana). (Great Basin) Bristlecone Pine (P. longaeva). Limber Pine (P. flexilis). Sugar Pine ...

The Pine Families of Trees in Southern California
... Pine (P. coulteri). Gray Pine (also called "foothill" or "Digger" Pine) (P. sabiniana). Jeffrey Pine (P. jeffreyi). Knobcone Pine (P. attenuata). Monterey Pine (P. radiata). Ponderosa Pine (also called Western Yellow Pine) (P. ponderosa). Four-needle pines: Parry Pine ...
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