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inches long

Listing 1 - 10 from 399 for inches long - A Modern Herbal | Angelica - Herb Profile and Information
... for their first summer's growth, to a distance of about 18 inches apart. In the autumn they can be removed to permanent quarters, ... 1/4 to 1 drachm. RECIPES To Preserve Angelica. Cut in pieces 4 inches long. Steep for 12 hours in salt and water. Put a layer ... quantities of stewed rhubarb, or of rhubarb jam, being added in long lengths before cooking and removed before sending to table. The confectioner ... - A Modern Herbal | Barberry, Common - Herb Profile and Information
... of the year are alternate, 1 to 1 1/2 inch long, shortly petioled, presenting various gradations from leaves into spines, into which ... dried, the pieces of bark are in small irregular portions, about 2 inches long and 1/2 inch wide, and of a dark-yellowish grey colour ... . ---Barberries in Bunches--- Have ready bits of flat white wood, 3 inches long and 1/4 inch wide. Tie the stalks of the fruit ...
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July 2003 Newsletter
... are: Somewhat lax growth. Soft, bluish gray leaves that are generally long and pointed. The leaves have downy undersides. The bushes are generally ... of full-size Shrub roses, reaching a mere 6 to 30 inches tall; they are ideal for growing in a container, edging a ... A form of assexual plant reproduction. A stem is cut about 6 inches long, all but the top 2 leaflets are removed, and the 'cutting' is ...

Calendar for Growing Roses
... of water, but not "wet feet". Dig each hole 24 inches in diameter and 18 inches deep. Discard undesirable soil. Replace 1/2 the needed dirt ... rose roots over the cone, with the bud union 1 1/2 inches to 2 inches above ground level. "Mud In" -that is, throw in some dirt, ... 10 days is a must. Begin when new growth is 1/4 inches long. Persistence with a broad spectrum spray program is the key to disease ...
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Deciduous Fruit for North Florida
... inches, enough water has been applied. Peach and nectarine trees usually make extensive terminal growth each year, which requires relatively heavy annual pruning. On the other hand, plums fruit on both long ... these shoots are several inches long, select one to continue as the central leader and remove the other one or two competing shoots. Remove all shoots within 20 inches of the ground. Select ...

Squirrels of Florida
... These medium-sized squirrels weigh about 1 pound and are about 15 inches long, half of that being their tail. As their name suggests, their ... more than 2 pounds and reach a total length of 26 inches. Also distinctive is their color. Fox squirrels normally are reddish tan ... small animal, weighing only about two ounces and measuring just 9 inches long including a 3- to 4-inch tail. Their eyes and ears ...
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How can I propagate my Sansevierias? - Cacti & Succulents
... necessary to take a fully grown leaf and cut it into pieces about 3-6 inches long [8-15cm], keeping careful track as to which end was closer to the root. These ...

Inches The needles are 7 to 13 inches long The needles are less than 7 inches

P and P Seed: Collins Long Gourd
... P and P Seed: Collins Long Gourd Bean Beet Brian Moore’s Flowers Cabbage Cantaloupe Carrot Corn Cucumber Giant Pumpkin Growing ... - Special Selection 2002 Collins Long Gourd Quantity in Basket: none Code: LG80 Price: $3.50 Shipping Weight: 0.00 pounds Quantity: 10 seeds per packet Grow approx. 80 Inches long. Developed by Ray ...

Open Directory - Home:Cooking:Fruits and Vegetables
... . No category description found Cherimoya Conical or heart-shaped fruit, 4 to 8 inches long and up to 4 inches in width, weighing on the average 5-1/2 to 18 ounces, but ...

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