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narrow leaved

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Helleborinenarrow Species: Cephalanthera longifolia Nom Français: La céphalantère à longues feuilles English Name: Narrow leaved Helleborine flowering times: May Notes: Back to the index

Monarch hostplants: Includes all milkweed and common names - Butterfly Garden
... (white bladderflower, cruel vine, cruel plant, bladder vine) Asclepias amplexicaulis USA ([blunt-leaved, bluntleaf, sand, clasping]milkweed) A. asperula USA (antelope-horns, [green-flowered, ... . exaltata USA {syn: A. phytolaccoides} ([poke, poke-leaved, tall]milkweed) A. fascicularis USA {syn: A. mexicana} ([narrowleaf, narrow-leaved, Mexican whorled, Mexican]milkweed) A. hirtella USA ([tall ...

Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants - Photo Gallery
... mistletoe Photograph [32k] Description Angophora bakeri; Tree Narrow-leaved apple Photograph [61k] Description Angophora bakeri Narrow-leaved apple Photograph [40k] Description Angophora hispida Dwarf ... Description Astroloma pinifolium Pine heath Photograph [50k] Description Atractocarpus chartaceus Narrow-leaved gardenia Photograph [29k] Description Babingtonia bidwillii Twiggy baeckea Photograph [ ...

Association of Societies for Growing Australian Plants - Photo Gallery
... [61k] Description Eremaea beaufortioides Eremaea Photograph [42k] Description Eremophila alternifolia Narrow-leaved emu bush Photograph [21k] Description Eremophila bignoniflora Dogwood Photograph [33k ... Graptophyllum excelsum Scarlet fuchsia Photograph [37k] Description Graptophyllum ilicifolium Holly-leaved fuchsia Photograph [52k] Description Grevillea acanthifolia Grevillea Photograph [22k] ...
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Red Helleborine
Red Helleborine Species: Cephalanthera rubra Nom Français: English Name: Red Helleborine flowering times: June - July Notes: Flowers much later than the narrow-leaved Helleborine; this one taken in early July. Back to the index

Acknowledgments and Bibliography for Roosevelt Flora
... . Clarke [Hair-like Sedge]] Carex albicans var. emmonsii (Dewey) Rettig. [Emmons' Sedge] Carex amphibola Steud. [Narrow-leaved Sedge] Carex brevior (Dewey) Mackenzie [Short Sedge] Carex crinita Lam. [Fringed Sedge] Carex debilis Michx ...

... Narrow leaf) (zin' knee-ah) Common name: Zinnia Family: Asteraceae, Aster Height x ... before planting out Species: angustifolia (an-gus-ti-fol' ee-ah)(linearis)--Narrow-leaved Zinnia, 12-15" tall, linear leaves to 2½" wide and ¼" across, flowers ... type such as dahlia-flowered resembling a dahlia, or cactus-flowered with narrow, twisted petals haageana (ha-gee-aa' nah)-- 18-24" tall, multicolor flowers ...

Ornamental Plants plus Version 3.0 - G
... Landscape Plants Pruning Equipment General Pruning Procedures Pruning Deciduous Shrubs Pruning Narrow-leaved Evergreens Pruning Broad-leaved Evergreens Pruning Hedges Or Screen Plants Fertilizer For Ornamentals ... Equipment General Pruning Procedures Pruning Young Trees Pruning Mature Trees Pruning Narrow-leaved Evergreens Fertilizer For Ornamentals Water Movement in Trees and Shrubs. Tolerance ...

Ornamental Plants plus Version 3.0 - N
... X TAZETTA Narcissus x tazetta--Tazetta Daffodil NARROW LEAF POPLAR Populus angustifolia--Narrow Leaf Poplar NARROW-LEAVED EVERGREENS Abies alba--Silver Fir Abies amabilis ... Fall Needle Drop of Evergreens Needlecasts Selecting Narrow-leaved Evergreens Pruning Narrow-leaved Evergreens NARROW-SPIKED LIGULARIA Ligularia stenocephala--Narrow-spiked Ligularia NASTURTIUM Tropaeolum--Nasturtium Tropaeolum ...
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Iron Mt. Checklist
... Family Asclepias calif ornica, California milkweed Asclepias fascicularis, narrow-leaved milkweed ASTERACEAE - Sunflower Family Achillea millefolium, California yarrow ... leaved cherry Rosa califomica, California rose Rubus ursinus, California blackberry RUBIACEAE - Madder Family Galium aparine*, goose grass Galium andrewsii ssp. andrewsii, phlox-leaved bedstraw Galium angustifolium, narrow-leaved ...

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