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microspermus ssp

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Dinteranthus microspermus ssp.puberulus
Dinteranthus microspermus ssp.puberulus Art Gallery pen-and ink drawings D / Dinteranthus microspermus ssp.puberulus Author - Tomas Kriz

Dinteranthus microspermus ssp.puberulusB
Dinteranthus microspermus ssp.puberulusB Art Gallery pen-and ink drawings D / Dinteranthus microspermus ssp.puberulusB Author - Tomas Kriz
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Au Cactus Francophone : Photos - Galerie D1
... Digitostigma caput-medusae Dinteranthus microspermus Dinteranthus puberulus Dinteranthus wilmotianus ssp. Impunctatus CM58 Dioscorea balatas Dioscorea elephantipes Dioscorea elephantipes Dioscorea sylvatica v. sylvatica Discocactus alteolensis Discocactus pugionacantha HU462 Discocactus zehntneri ssp buenekeri Discocatus horstii ...

A Layman's Guide to Mimicry Mesembryanthemums - Ottawa and Area Cactus and Succulent Group - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
... , there seem to be around seven species to this genera as follows: D. inexpectatus, D. microspermus, D. pole-evansii, D. puberulus, D. punctatus, D. vanzijlii, and D. willmotianus. There is little ... quite prone to being knocked right out of their pots by careless handling. Conophytum pellueidum ssp peupreatum Photos by: Hilda Maxwell Specimen by: Ken Hancock November 9, 2002 The various species ...

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