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mimicry mesembs

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CSSA Newsletters #11
... happens more frequently if I do not re-pot my stemmed mesembs every 2-3 years. The stemless mimicry mesembs (lithops and conos) seem to be more resistant to MesAD ... , as the redoubtable Prof. Rowley would say, "awaiting further enlightenment!" ************************************************* The Root Succulent Mesembs by Carl Frederick (San Anselmo, Ca.) To the lovers of caudiciform and pachycaul ( ...

A Layman's Guide to Mimicry Mesembryanthemums - Ottawa and Area Cactus and Succulent Group - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
... They include Lithops, Conophytums, Fenestraria and about 14 other similar genera. The term Mimicry Mesembryanthemums, or Mimicry Mesembs for anyone like me who finds that a bit of a mouthful, ... Mimicry Mesembs Another Mimicry Mesemb genus popular with collectors are the Conophytums. There are some 400 different species, all of them with quite small individual bodies. As with all the Mimicry Mesembs ...

CSSA Newsletters #16
... Organization and fellow of the CSSA. Pseudo = false or imitation; lithos = stone, for the genus' mimicry in its habitat. Asclepiad after Asklepios the Greek god of medicine, as some of the ... . She was a South African botanist that described some 1,700 species of succulents, primarily Mesembs. Her father-in-law was Harry Bolus (1834-1911) who founded the Bolus Herbarium at ...