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contaminated garments

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Pesticide-Contaminated Clothing Needs Washing Care, HYG-5117-94
... residues are transferred from contaminated clothing to other clothing when they are laundered together. Wash only a few contaminated garments at a time. Wash garments contaminated by the same pesticides ... few contaminated garments at a time, using lots of hot water. Re-wash the contaminated clothing two or three times if necessary. Clean machine thoroughly after laundering contaminated clothing ...

Quick 'n Easy Stain Removal
... can weaken fabrics so that they tear or wear out more quickly. Garments with Contrasting Colors or Trim Many garments are designed with dark fabrics and white trim or white fabrics and ... does not remove concentrate to a safe level for reuse of clothing. Launder other pesticide- contaminated clothing separate from general family laundry. If visible staining from diluted spray of pesticide residues ...
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New Jersey Department of Agricultural Cider Info
... be cleaned to prevent contaminating apples in lower bins, if stacked. If field bins are contaminated with soil, they should be washed in a manner to avoid splashing soil or debris ... cooler. Processing and Filling All persons working in the processing area should wear clean outer garments, maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness and conform to hygienic practices while on duty ...