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fecal material

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July 2003 Newsletter
... drying and therefore can survive for long periods of time in soil, street dust, dried fecal material and in injectable street drugs. Clostridium tetani infects human cells at the wound site, and ... may be made. The WCFRS makes no warranty, expressed or implied, with respect to the material contained herein.

Subterranean Termites
... or other wood-boring insects, subterranean termites do not push wood particles or pellets (fecal material) to the outside, but rather use it in the construction of their tunnels. This ... by subterranean termites. Usually damage is with the grain and is covered with muddy material. Identification Subterranean and drywood termites require completely different control methods; therefore, the termites ...

Microorganisms, Bacteria, and Viruses in Drinking Water
... metronidazole, and furazolidone (3). Giardia enters the water supply via contamination by fecal material. The fecal material can enter the water from: Sewage discharged into the water via cross ... with AIDS, or transplantees, cryptosporidiosis may become life threatening (4,6). Cryptosporidium infected fecal material enters the water supply either from cross contamination of sewage lines with water ...

Common Sense Gardening and Compost
... survive the composting process and germinate a year later in your garden. Any diseased plant material (such as peas with powdery mildew, roses with blackspot, or apples with fireblight) should be ... and bacterial organisms in the diseased materials may survive the composting process. Do not use fecal material from dogs, cats, or pigs as compost. These may contain eggs of ascarids (round worms ...

The Bug Review-Boxelder Bugs
... or clothing nor reproduce in the house. They may spot curtains and wallpaper with their fecal material. Also, they will leave a red or purple stain if smashed. Control Non chemical: If ...

New Jersey Department of Agricultural Cider Info
... every effort to prevent wild and domestic animals from entering or living in your orchard. Fecal material from animals can contain pathogenic bacteria such as E.coli O 157-H7, Cryptosporiduim and ... and preventing contact with all fecal matter. Post-harvest Apples must be handled in such a way that they are protected from contamination with manure, other fecal material, meat products or other wastes ...

Fresh Produce Handling, Sanitation, and Safety Measures: Citrus
... they contact. If human pathogens were present in the waste material, all of the fruit are now potentially contaminated and an outbreak ... still be handled in such a way that contact between the material and the edible portion of the crop is avoided. 'Fully composted ... of the "fecal-oral pathway." This is the movement of human pathogens from an infected individual's waste to the ingested material of a ...

Ag Engineering Fact Sheet Index
... Products, AEX-330-99 Construction of Livestock Feeding and Hay Bale Storage Pads Using FGD Material, AEX-332-99 Irrigation in Ohio: Eight Major Factors, AEX-370-91 Farm Pond Safety ... ) Managing Holding Tanks, AEX-755-02 (pdf) Wastewater Treatment Principles and Regulations, AEX-768-96 Fecal-Oral Pathogens in Water, AEX-769-06 (pdf Only) Waterborne Illness, AEX-770-06 (pdf ...

Clothes Moths, HYG-2107-97
... larvae and often have silken cases, lines of silken threads, and fecal pellets over the surface of the materials. Moths are destructive during ... like to feed on soiled material, spinning silken mats or tunnels and incorporating textile fragments and bits of fecal pellets. Larvae will wander ... . It does not spin a web of silk over the food material but eats clean-cut holes, not usually in one spot. ...
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Stinking Flowers
... stinkhorn fungi that appear almost overnight in your backyard, carrion flowers also entice flesh and fecal-loving insects to visit their stinking blossoms. They belong to a variety of different and ... To Biology GEE WHIZ TRIVIA Page Go To The LEMNACEAE ON-LINE Page All text material & images on these pages copyright W.P. Armstrong

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