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containing mucilage cells

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Angiosperm Families - Implicit Attributes
... cells; without silica bodies. Guard-cells not ‘grass type’. Urticating hairs absent. Lamina without secretory cavities. Cystoliths absent. The mesophyll without etherial oil cells; not containing mucilage cells ...

Angiosperm Families - Amaryllidaceae Jaume St.-Hil.
... . Lamina dorsiventral. The mesophyll containing mucilage cells (with raphides); containing calcium oxalate crystals. The mesophyll crystals raphides. Minor leaf veins without phloem transfer cells (Amaryllis, Zephyranthes). Vessels ... usually), or Allium-type. Polar nuclei fusing prior to fertilization. Antipodal cells formed; 3; not proliferating; ephemeral, or persistent (often). Synergids hooked ( ...
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... which are ten to fifteen cells, each containing several woolly seeds. It has a faint aromatic odour and mucilagenous taste. ---Constituents---The chief constituents appear to be mucilage and pectin contained in the ... - A Modern Herbal | Broom - Herb Profile and Information
... matter, on incineration yielding about 3 per cent of ash, containing 29 per cent of carbonate of potash. Sparteine forms ... , wax, chlorophyll, yellow colouring matter, tannin, a sweet substance, mucilage, albumen and lignin. Scoparin and the alkaloid sparteine have been separated ... causes vomiting and purging weakens the heart, depresses the nerve cells and lowers the blood pressure and has a strong ...
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Cycad biology, Article 1: Corraloid roots of cycads
... cells for the nutrients between the cyanobacteria and the cycads". These cells elongate in response to the invasion by the cyanobacteria [Charmian, Nathanielsz & Staff (1975)]; meanwhile, the cycad cells produce some mucilage ... I would rather say "especially while..." NITROGEN FIXATION BY CYANOBACTERIA Denitrogenase is an enzyme containing molybdenum (Mo), so Mo is needed to fix N2. With a lack of ...

The Seed Biology Place - Seed Structure and Anatomy
... ovule, diploid maternal tissue. Fruits are mature, ripened ovaries containing seeds. The pericarp ("fruit coat") is diploid maternal tissue. ... divided in the starchy endosperm (starch grains, food storage, dead cells, flour) and the aleurone layer (living cell layer surrounding ... coat), composed of inner and outer integument. Note that the mucilage is generated from the outer testa upon imbibition. (C ...

The oldest fossil lichen
... in which fungal hyphae are tightly aggregated (figure a). On the surface are numerous pockets containing hyphae in a three-dimensional net (figure b). Nets vary from circular to hexagonal, ... envelope of mucilage. Some cells are surrounded by concentric sheaths, the remnants of the envelope (figure e), and these sheaths may contain up to 32 daughter cells. Many photobiont cells contain amorphous ...

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