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buddleja species

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Angiosperm Families - Buddlejaceae Wilhelm
... (ostensibly, in a few Buddleja species). The pistil 2 celled (usually), or 4 celled (in the berries of some Buddleja species). Gynoecium syncarpous; synstylovarious, or eu-syncarpous; superior. Ovary 2 locular, or 4 locular. Locules secondarily divided by ‘false septa’ (accounting for occasional 4–celled gynoecia in species of Buddleja ...

UCJEPS: Jepson Manual Treatment Indexes
... Partial names are allowed (e.g., Seq gig). You can retrieve all species in a genus by entering a genus name only. When entering infraspecific ... BETULACEAE Birch Family BIGNONIACEAE Bignonia Family BORAGINACEAE Borage Family BRASSICACEAE Mustard Family BUDDLEJACEAE Buddleja Family BURSERACEAE Torchwood Family CABOMBACEAE Watershield Family CACTACEAE Cactus Family CALLITRICHACEAE ...

... this page for this update. There are about 41 indigenous species of cycads in southern Africa and about 18 of them ... trees. They are divided into two families - 40 of the species belongs to the Encephalartos family and one to the Stangeria ... update is Gardenia volkensii subsp. spatulifolia or Bushveld gardenia and Buddleja saligna or False olive. Both of these are excelent garden subjects. Copyright ...

Tico Ethnobotanical Dictionary -- D
... Dildoe: Acanthocereus (E) DILLENIA INDICA L. Indian dillenia (E); Dilenia (S) . This species is cultivated in Panama. The fleshy calyces are eaten raw, cooked, ... Abrus, Acalypha, Achras, Aegiphila, Allium, Alternanthera, Ananas, Arundo, Axonopus, Bambusa, Borago, Bramia, Buddleja, Bursera, Calocarpum, Canna, Capparis, Capsicum, Cardiospermum, Casearia, Cassia, Ceiba, Cereus, Chaetolepis, Chiococca, ...

New Disease Reports - Occurrence of Chilli veinal mottle virus in Himalayan butterfly bush (Buddleja crispa)
... Technology, Palampur, HP-176061, India * Accepted for publication 10/05/05 Buddleja crispa (Buddlejaceae), commonly known as Himalayan-butterfly bush, grows on open rocky places. It ... attractive and irresistible to butterflies, bees and other nectar feeding birds and insects. Buddleja davidii, an allied species of B. crispa, has been reported to be a host of Tomato ringspot ...

Calflora Genus Index
... sterilis Bromus suksdorfii Bromus tectorum Bromus trinii Bromus vulgaris Bruchia Bruchia bolanderi Bryonia Bryonia dioica Buddleja Buddleja davidii Buddleja saligna Buddleja utahensis Bulbostylis Bulbostylis barbata Bulbostylis capillaris Bupleurum Bupleurum lancifolium Bursera Bursera microphylla

CalFlora Family Index B
... Photos Database see also: what's new? about CalFlora about CalFlora Species Database frequently asked questions staff collaborators species advanced queries occurrence advanced queries synonymy advanced queries sample queries related ... Streptanthus (47) Subularia (1) Teesdalia (1) Thelypodium (10) Thlaspi (3) Thysanocarpus (4) Tropidocarpum (2) Buddlejaceae Buddleja (3) Burseraceae Bursera (1)
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Species list
... Species list Species list Each species name links to the description page for that species. Click headings [A-Z] or [Taxonomic] to sort any column. Currently sorted in Taxonomic order. Show full list of plant groups | | Show full species list All Dicots Latin name [A-Z] Common name [A-Z] Family Buddleja davidii Butterfly-bush Buddlejaceae National Museums and Galleries of ...

PlantZAfrica: Plant Species B
... Species B Plant Species B Babiana pygmaea Balanites maughamii subsp. maughamii Ballota africana Barleria ... albiflora Brunsvigia Brunsvigia josephinae Brunsvigia orientalis Brunsvigia radulosa Bryomorphe aretioides Buddleja auriculata Buddleja glomerata Buddleja loricata Buddleja saligna Buddleja salviifolia Bulbine abyssinica Bulbine frutescens Bulbine latifolia Burchellia bubalina Buxus macowanii ...

Buddleja auriculata
... seven species of Buddleja in South Africa. They are mostly shrubby and can sometimes become small trees. Among those making good garden plants are Buddleja saligna and Buddleja salvifolia . Ecology The flowers attract many butterflies and other insects, which in turn become food for insectivorous birds like the southern boubou and Cape robin. Growing Buddleja ...
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