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false septa

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Angiosperm Families - Alzateaceae S. Graham
... ). Ovary 2 locular (Graham 1984: previously interpreted by Lourteig (1965) as becoming falsely bilocular via false septa). Gynoecium shortly stylate. Styles 1; attenuate from the ovary; apical. Stigmas 1; capitate. Placentation parietal ...

Angiosperm Families - Boraginaceae Juss.
... perianth (Trigonotis). The pistil 2 celled, or 4 celled (usually, via false septa), or 8–10 celled (via false septa, in some Trigonotis species). Gynoecium syncarpous; synstylovarious to eu-syncarpous; ... 4–5 locular (and usually ostensibly four, via false septa). Locules secondarily divided by ‘false septa’ (usually), or without ‘false septa’ (rarely). Gynoecium median; stylate. Styles 1; ...
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Bananas and plantains
... grows in the humid tropics like a grass, becoming a tree within a year. A false stem, the pseudostem, is formed by the bases of the leaves. The shoot apex is ... the ovary, particularly from the inner face of the skin and the enlargement of the septa and central axis. These cell divisions are stimulated by the presence of high levels of ...

New Disease Reports - First report of Alternaria mali causing necrotic leaf spot of apples in Turkey
... average size of 20.6 x 9.25 mm had both transverse and longitudinal septa and a short false beak and were formed in long chains. The pathogen was identified as Alternaria ...

... melo), Water Melon (Citrullus lanatus), Pumpkin (Cucurbita maxima), and Pseudocarp. Pseudocarp A Pseudocarp is a false fruit, because it does not contain the seeds. The seeds are achenes, on the outside ... the centre of the fruit, as in Pimpernel (Anagallis). A Septicidal Capsule splits along the septa (joints of the ovary) as in the Foxglove (Digitalis). DRY INDEHISCENT FRUITS Achene An Achene ...

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