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avena coleoptiles

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Botany online: Growth Movements - Phototropism
... ., and 3. positive phototropic bending). The dose-effect curve of the phototropism of etiolated Avena coleoptiles (schematic depiction). The amount of white light is given in lux seconds, the ... , 1943). Positive and negative phototropism within the same tissue are characteristic not only for Avena coleoptiles. It can also be observed under natural light conditions with germinating plants of the ...

... OATS LOOSE SMUT OF OATS PATHOGEN: Ustilago avenae SYMPTOMS: Powdery, black spore masses of Ustilago avena replace kernels and chaff causing a disease problem referred to as loose smut of oats ... pathogen proceed to infect the seedling. The fungus infects the seedling by penetrating into the coleoptiles and growing inside the plant until panicle formation begins. The fungus then begins replacing the ...