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phototropic bending

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Botany online: Light - Phototropic Bending - Carotenoids - Flavin
... Botany online: Light - Phototropic Bending - Carotenoids - Flavin Phototropic Bending and Absorption of Carotenoids and Flavin Comparison of the action spectrum of an Avena coleoptile’s phototropic bending (green curve) and the absorption spectra of carotenoids (orange ...

Botany online: Growth Movements - Phototropism
... phototropic bending). The dose-effect curve of the phototropism of etiolated Avena coleoptiles (schematic depiction). The amount of white light is given in lux seconds, the ordinate gives the positive or negative bending. The reaction spheres of the 1., 2., and 3. positive, as well as that of the negative phototropic bending are shown (according to H ...
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Conservation Part 21: Specimen Plants, by Marilyn Light, 10 Mar 99
... doesn't seem strong enough to support itself. It has numerous branches and is already bending over and the flowers haven't even opened. Possibly using a strong wire stake would ... it is shady. The horizontal mount may be more suitable to roots that are negatively phototropic (grow away from light). I am now doing the same with C. walkeriana, C. Snowblind ...