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Woodsia obtusa
Woodsia obtusa Woodsia obtusa This species is beautiful and graceful when it is young, but when mature the fronds become blotched. It does not transplant well under ordinary conditions and should be left where it can established naturally. Return to Main Menu Order Filicales

Verbesina - Woodsia -- Plant Delights Nursery Catalog Page 103
... 24 fl. oz (709.77 ml) #06561 $16.00 Woodsia Woodsia obtusa (Blunt Lobed Wood Fern) Sun to Part SunZone: ... fl. oz (709.77 ml) #03812 $12.00 Woodsia subcordata (Subcordate Woodsia) Light ShadeZone: 5b-8, at least 6" tall ... - Syneilesis Tanacetum - Thujopsis Tiarella - Trichocereus Tricyrtis Trillium - Uvularia Verbena Verbesina - Woodsia Yucca Zamia - Zingiber [HOME] [WHAT'S NEW?] [ABOUT PDN] [EDUCATION ...

Order Filicales
... Filicales Family Osmundaceae Osmunda regalis Family Polypodiaceae Adiantum pedatum Athyrium asplendoides Comptosorous rhizophyllus Cysopteris bulbifera Woodsia obtusa Dryopteris spinulosa Onoclea sensibilis Polystichum acrostichoides Pteridium aquilinum Return to Main Menu Division Pterophyta ...

Alpine Garden Society
... West Western Whitefly Whitlam Whittall Wickham Wikstroemia Wild Wildlife Wiltshire Winter Wireworms Wisley Wittsteinia Woodlice Woodsia Wooster Wulfenia Wurzburg Wyethia Show Results Join Us Shop Online Plant of The Month Tour ...

Pteridophytes: the ferns and their allies
... Athyrium Cheilanthopsis Cornopteris Cystoathyrium Cystopteris Diplaziopsis Diplasium Gymnocarpium Hemidictyum Hypodematium Kuniwatsukia Lunathyium Matteuccia Onoclea Trichoneuron Woodsia Davalliales Davalliaceae -- Gymnogrammitidaceae Davallioideae Araiostegia Davallia Davallodes Gymnogrammitis Leucostegia Oleandraceae -- Nephrolepidaceae Oleandroideae Arthropteris Oleandra Psammiosorus ...

Wisflora: Wisconsin Vascular Plants - Genera
... Verbesina Vernonia Veronica Veronicastrum Viburnum Vicia Vinca Vincetoxicum Viola Vitis Vulpia W Waldsteinia Wolffia Wolffiella Woodsia X Xanthium Xyris Y Yucca Z Zannichellia Zanthoxylum Zea Zigadenus Zizania Zizia Top of Page ...

Wisconsin Vascular Plants: Search Results
... Woodsia ilvensis (L.) R.Br. * + rusty cliff fern, rusty woodsia Woodsia obtusa (Spreng.) Torr. blunt-lobe cliff fern, blunt-lobed woodsia Woodsia obtusa (Spreng.) Torr. subsp. obtusa * + blunt-lobe cliff fern, blunt-lobed woodsia Woodsia ...
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Code of conduct for the conservation and enjoyment of wild plants
... spicata                                 Spiked Speedwell V. triphyllos                                        Fingered Speedwell Viola persicifolia                                Fen Violet Woodsia alpina                                   Alpine Woodsia W. ilvensis                                           Oblong Woodsia 1Protected in England & Wales only. 2Protected only against sale. Plants on ...

Calflora Genus Index
... arrhiza Wolffia borealis Wolffia brasiliensis Wolffia columbiana Wolffia globosa Wolffiella Wolffiella lingulata Wolffiella oblonga Woodsia Woodsia oregana Woodsia plummerae Woodsia scopulina Woodwardia Woodwardia fimbriata Wyethia Wyethia angustifolia Wyethia bolanderi Wyethia elata Wyethia glabra Wyethia ...

CalFlora Family Index D
... (2) Droseraceae Drosera (6) Dryopteridaceae Athyrium (2) Cyrtomium (1) Cystopteris (1) Dryopteris (3) Polystichum (10) Woodsia (3)
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