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wine red

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... hybrid OP -- pink shades 1000+ ITH 05J119 Siberian hybrid OP -- wine red 200+ ITH 05J120 Siberian hybrids OP -- mixed seedlings, some very ... BWN 05N212 versicolor ÔMar-JanÕ OP -- wine red 200+ JPW 05N213 versicolor ÔMar-JanÕ OP -- red 50+ KWL 05N214 versicolor ÔMint FreshÕ ... OP -- from Bob DunnÕs garden, many shades of orange, red, black-red, purple, some bicolors, white, and pastel pinks and ...

Seed Exchange Information
... -- mixed, rose-pink to red, blue-purple, red lines, blue lines, almost white 300+ ABL 04N222 versicolor -- violet blue from BIS 400+ LHR 04N223 versicolor -- wine purple 25+ RRH 04N224 versicolor ... -- from 96Z482, red blossoms, 50+ KDM 04Z359 Anomatheca laxa -- scarlet 25+ JRG 04Z360 Babiana hybrid ? -- mostly shades of blue to violet, various markings, some pinkish to wine red 300+ JRG 04Z361 ...
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Cape Cod
Cape Cod web hosting domain names photo sharing Cape Cod Wild 1973 Blooming Season Ploidy Foliage Habit Height (cm) Diameter (cm) Early MidSeason Diploid Dormant 86 11 Dominant Colors Deep wine red Description web hosting • domain names • video sharing online games • photo sharing free blog • advertising online

Red flowers in the garden
... flowers bloom late. Wayside Red Regal - Tetraploid with red flowers that have green throat. Plants grow 30" tall and bloom in mid season. Wine Bubbles - Tetraploid with round deep wine red flowers that have creamy midribs. Plants grow 28" tall and bloom in mid season. Wren PEONY Best Man - Deep red double blooming ...

May 2003 Newsletter
... on firm stalks. Colors range from pink through mauve, deep wine-red and purple. Gallicas are prone to reproducing freely ... 5. officinalis (aka Rosa gallica maxima, Splendens, Apothecarys Rose, Red Rose of Lancaster) ancient origin. Rosa gallica maxima is ... 910.686.9077 Email: Photography: Nell Crosby 6300 Red Cedar Road Wilmington, NC 28411 Phone: 910.686.9998 Email ...

Desirable Vegetable Varieties: Swiss Chard
... ) variety Bright Lights. (One expert grower has remarked "The red variety of Swiss chard, rhubarb, has an excellent flavor and colorful wine-red leaves, but I consistently get higher production from green-leafed ...

Potatoes,DIVERSITY,english,heirloom,varieties,highland burgundy red
... ,heirloom,varieties,highland burgundy red Potatoes - Highland Burgundy Red A burgundy-red centre to the flesh, with a narrow band of white surrounding it. Skin is bright red if dug fresh, or ... detail): Flowers Tubers Nigel Deacon / Diversity website Back to top Radio Plays Apples Potatoes Vegetables Wine Making Music Artwork Cosby Methodist Church Gokart Racing Links to other sites Contact Us

Potatoes,DIVERSITY,english,heirloom,varieties,red duke of York
... of York DUKE OF YORK and RED DUKE OF YORK: Medium haulms; fairly thick. Tubers oval; some almost ... whites; a good 'early' for container growing, with a beautiful shiny, red appearance. Flowers usually abort before maturing. There is a rare pink ... Red Duke of York (click on small images for detail): Flowers Tubers Nigel Deacon / Diversity website Back to top Radio Plays Apples Potatoes Vegetables Wine ...
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wine & roses weigela
... shrub that deserves to be a garden memory? Not with the introduction of WINE & ROSES Weigela florida 'Alexandra'. WINE & ROSES recently became the first Weigela ever to win the coveted Pennsylvania ... to older cultivars like 'Java Red' the improvement is remarkable. 'Java Red' just doesn't compare in terms of foliage color and flower color! (see above photo) Wine & Roses shines from spring to ...

Open Directory - Recreation: Food: Drink: Wine: United States: Connecticut
... - Northwest Connecticut established in 1984. Produces a full range of red, white, port, Franciscan and dessert wines including a wine with no sulfites. Open for tastings and tours. Haight Vineyard ... . Open for tours, wine tastings, with a restaurant open on the weekends. Stonington Vineyards - Producing award-winning, European-style wines. Taylor Brooke Winery - Produces white, red, dessert, and ...

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