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waterweed hydrocharitaceae

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Species list
... [A-Z] Family Hydrocharis morsus-ranae Frogbit Hydrocharitaceae Stratiotes aloides Water-soldier Hydrocharitaceae Elodea canadensis Canadian Waterweed Hydrocharitaceae Elodea nuttallii Nuttall's Water-weed Hydrocharitaceae Lagarosiphon major Curly Waterweed Hydrocharitaceae National Museums and Galleries of Northern Ireland ...

UCJEPS: Jepson Manual Treatment Indexes
... Arum Family ARECACEAE Palm Family COMMELINACEAE Spiderwort Family CYMODOCEACEAE Manatee-grass Family CYPERACEAE Sedge Family HYDROCHARITACEAE Waterweed Family IRIDACEAE Iris Family JUNCACEAE Rush Family JUNCAGINACEAE Arrow-grass Family LEMNACEAE Duckweed Family LILIACEAE ...

Flower Terminology (Part 1)
... -grass (Vallisneria), a genus of about ten species in the monocotyledonous frog's-bit or waterweed family (Hydrocharitaceae). [Other genera in this family include Elodea, Najas, and the troublesome, perennial aquatic weed ...

Wisconsin Vascular Plants: Search Results
... other links. Family Hydrocharitaceae (Family Information, Photo Gallery and Map Gallery) Elodea (Genus Information, Photo Gallery and Map Gallery) Elodea canadensis Michx. * + Canadian waterweed, common waterweed Anacharis ... Rydb. Elodea nuttallii (Planch.) H.St.John + free-flowered waterweed, slender waterweed Anacharis nuttallii Planch. Anacharis occidentalis (Pursh) Vict. Elodea columbiana H ...

Index to Families
... Grossulariaceae Gooseberry Family Haloragaceae Water-milfoil Family Hippocastanaceae Horse-chestnut Family Hydrocharitaceae Waterweed Family Hydrophyllaceae Waterleaf Family Hypericaceae St. John's Wort ... Family Alismataceae Water-starwort Family Callitrichaceae Waterleaf Family Hydrophyllaceae Waterweed Family Hydrocharitaceae Waterwort Family Elatinaceae Willow Family Salicaceae Wood Fern ...

Hydrocharitaceae Vascular Plants of Henry W. Coe State Park Presented by buddha-nature maps & books | Monocots Home Alismataceae Arecaceae Cyperaceae Hydrocharitaceae Iridaceae Juncaceae Lemnaceae Liliaceae Orchidaceae Poaceae Potamogetonaceae Typhaceae Hydrocharitaceae Waterweed Family Najas sp. {++} WATER-NYMPH. NAIAS. Aquatic annual. Bl "Jul". Bass Pond.
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