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venus flytrap

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The New England Carnivorous Plant Society
... Join us Request a school visit or other presentation Webpage problems (Message to webmaster) The Venus Flytrap: Dionaea muscipula 20020702-CP-D.muscipula-sawtooth-closeup-WBM 200208-CP-D.muscipula-trigger hairs ...

Dionaea muscipula - Venus Flytrap, Carnivorous Plants Online - Botanical Society of America
... muscipula - Venus Flytrap, Carnivorous Plants Online - Botanical Society of America Dionaea muscipula - The Venus Flytrap TRAP TYPE: Snap Trap One species, Dionaea muscipula J.Ellis (1768), occupying habitats in ... insectivorous plants. And the trapped insects give them just that. Growing your own Venus Flytrap The Venus Flytrap is one of the easiest carnivorous plants to grow. If you wish to grow ... :: Venus Flytrap
... :: Venus Flytrap November 28, 2006 Learn more here Attribute ------------------- Accent Alpine Butterflies Hummingbirds Border Climbing Containers Cut ... Number: 8 Type: Screensaver Venus Flytrap This entertaining screen saver features 3-D graphics and sound effects. Watch as the flytrap tries to catch flies that ...

Venus' Flytrap, Venus Flytrap, Venus's Flytrap, or Dionaea muscipula
... Venus' Flytrap, Venus Flytrap, Venus's Flytrap, or Dionaea muscipula Dionaea muscipula, the famous Venus' Fly Trap. What is the correct common name, anyway? While there are many ways to spell "Venus's", ... s" for simplicity. Other plants named after Venus (the Goddess) include: Venus' Looking-glass (Specularia) Venus' Comb (Scandix) Venus'-Hair Fern (Adiantum) "Venus Fly Trap" is not really correct as ...

Venus' Fly Trap, Venus Flytrap, Venus's Flytrap growing
... Venus' Fly Trap, Venus Flytrap, Venus's Flytrap growing Caring for the Venus' Fly Trap - Dionaea muscipula. This amazing plant is native to a small region in ... . You can use a sharpened stick or dibble to make the hole. Grasp the flytrap in one hand and gently fold the leaves upward, so that the pale part ... push it back in and firm the soil more. Water thoroughly after planting. Return to Flytrap Page
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Information about Venus Flytrap
... Information about Venus Flytrap Places to buy Venus Flytrap Other Bulbs & Flowers Walking Iris Wand Flower Watsonia Lily Winter Aconite Yellow Cat's Tail ... Farm - Gardening Begins Here Venus Flytrap INFORMATION ABOUT VENUS FLYTRAP... By: Nikki Phipps Venus flytraps (Dionaea muscipula) are carnivorous plants that form bulbs. Carnivorous plants live all over the world, but Venus flytraps live only in ...

Care, cultivation and growing requirements of Venus Flytrap plants, Dionaea muscipula
... Venus Flytrap plants, Dionaea muscipula [ The Garden Helper][ Gardening Basics][ "How to" Guides][ House plants][ Glossary of Terms] [ Garden Encyclopedia][USDA Zones][ Monthly Reminders][ Free Screensavers][Recipes] [ **** The Gardener's Forum ****] The Venus Fly trap Dionaea muscipula November 28, 1999 The Venus Fly Trap (Dionaea muscipula) is ...

Bog Garden - Bog Garden Forum - GardenWeb
... very different kind of garden to grow a cattail than it does to grow a Venus Flytrap. Environmentally, it makes sense to know the difference too, as bogs are far more rare ...

Venus Fly Trap
... Venus Fly Trap If carnivorous plants are so hardy, why did all the VFT's you ... a little knowledge will go a long way to ending it.  Mommy, Why Did My Venus Fly Trap Die? Contrary to common belief, VFT are not native to Home Depot or ... without realizing it. If you suspect it was wild collected, don't buy it. Next, Venus Flytrap Achilles Heel

Open Directory - Science: Biology: Flora and Fauna: Plantae: Magnoliophyta: Magnoliopsida: Droseraceae: Dionaea
... a flower. Dionaea muscipula - Venus fly trap. Brief description and habitat information. The Mysterious Venus' Flytrap - Description and how to grow it. Venus Flytrap - Dionaea muscipula, information about the species, its range, habitat and how it uses insects for nutrition. The Venus Flytrap ...

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