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trachycarpus fortunei

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Floridata: Trachycarpus fortunei
... Floridata: Trachycarpus fortunei Welcome Login Register (Free!) Welcome (homepage) Floridata Member Pages Register (free!) Login Plant Encyclopedia Plant ... now and receive a free gift of Tulip Topper wildflower seeds with every bulb order. Trachycarpus fortunei Common Names: windmill palm, Chusan palm, Chinese windmill palm Family: Palmae/Arecaceae (palm family) Get ... :: Trachycarpus fortunei
... :: Trachycarpus fortunei Trachycarpus fortunei - Chinese Windmill Palm This small, attractive fan palm is native to China and is often ... :: Trachycarpus fortunei :: Trachycarpus fortunei Photo Gallery Trachycarpus fortunei - Chinese Windmill Palm
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Trachycarpus fortunei
... Trachycarpus fortunei Trachycarpus fortunei Chinese fan palm, Chinese windmill palm, Chusan palm, windmill palm Description Locality: China Cold Hardiness: ... quite old. Nice full crown for it's size. Other Notes: Are other varieties of Trachycarpus that are also interesting. Further Data: Palm for sale/Availability: Click here to view the ...

Trachycarpus fortunei
... Trachycarpus fortunei Trachycarpus fortunei (Hooker) Wendland Synonymy: Chamaerops excelsa, C. fortunei, T. excelsa Distribution: China Common names: Chusan palm, Chinese windmill palm Conservation status: Unknown ... Photo taken 4 miles north of Olympia, WA, at noon on January 12, 1998. Trachycarpus fortunei in Clarkston, WA; these are quite possibly the only ones growing outdoors in eastern ...

Other Plants 2-6
... Height: 5-10m This species has fragrant flowers. It is utilized as a garden tree. Trachycarpus fortunei Family: Palmae Japanese name: WAJURO Plant type: evergreen tree, terrestrial Habitat: coastal areas, Southern Japan ...

Growing palms outside in a cool climate
... , some varieties are frost hardy though: Genus: Minimum temp: ======================================== - Trachycarpus fortunei: 1F or minus 17C - Trachycarpus takil: 1F or minus 17C - Chamaerops humilis: ... Trachycarpus comes with a (small) price: a little more patience is needed. Offer I send 50 seeds of the 'Washingtonia filifera' (California fan palm) and 50 seeds of the 'Trachycarpus fortunei ...

Trachycarpus takil known as Takil palm
... Trachycarpus takil known as Takil palm Trachycarpus takil Takil palm Description Locality: India Cold Hardiness: 20 F. Trunk type: This palm has ... with Trachycarpus wagnerianus, which by nurserymen was previously known as "Trachycarpus takil". T. wagnerianus has a smaller, much stiffer leaf. Other Notes: If you like this palm look at Trithrinax acanthocoma and Trachycarpus fortunei ...

Trachycarpus in Canada, an article from Principes, International Palm Society
... Society, all rights reserved NICK PARKER, North Delta, BC, Canada The growth range of cultivated Trachycarpus fortunei has been creeping northward along the Pacific coast for decades and has now reached British ... January 15, 1950 and again on December 29, 1968. Rainfall is approximately 50 inches annually. Trachycarpus fortunei is the only species that has proven hardy for this climate with its cool ...

Chapter 3: Trachycarpus key
... so small), and our palm took the next validly published name, 'fortunei', making it Trachycarpus fortunei. Nurserymen are notoriously slow to accept name changes, however, and many growers ... fortunei branching above ground, a curious reaction caused by damage to the growing point which has been observed likewise in many other palm genera. Furthermore, it is not uncommon for a Trachycarpus fortunei ...

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