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teratogenic effects

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... -D causes reproductive effects in animals, this only occurs at very high doses. Thus reproductive problems associated with 2,4-D are unlikely in humans under normal circumstances. Teratogenic effects: 2,4-D ... ]. This suggests that 2,4-D exposure is unlikely to be teratogenic in humans at expected exposure levels. Mutagenic effects: 2,4-D has been very extensively tested and was found to ...

... effects, including lower ovarian weights and fewer offspring born [33]. These data suggest that reproductive effects are not likely in humans at expected exposure levels. Teratogenic effects: No data are currently available. Mutagenic effects ... . Fate in humans and animals: No data are currently available. Ecological Effects: Effects on birds: Several dietary feeding tests indicate that 2,4-DB is ...
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... carcinogens based on animal studies.1, 2 Mancozeb, a dithiocarbamate fungicide, has both mutagenic and teratogenic properties.3, 4 In my academic-based clinic, with a largely referral population from rural ... : teratogenic effect and presence in the milk of cows after administration of thiophanate. Ann Rech Vet. 1990;21:87-92. MEDLINE 2. Barale R, Scapoli C, Meli C, et al. Cytogenetic effects ...

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