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tamu herbarium specific field

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Overview of Tracy
... County State Country Cultivation - Was the specimen from cultivation Notes LocalCollectionID - TAMU Herbarium specific field PlaceID - TAMU Herbarium specific field Nomen - TAMU Herbarium specific field Note that some of the fields are not present ... Upon selecting a specific genus (say Ruellia) and entering the species field the user can then select from a list of species specific to ...

Basic Users Guide to Tracy
... TAMU herbarium uses. Your institution may choose to use some of them, all of them, or none of them. This is how they work for TAMU ... TAMU has assigned two-digit codes for some of our more specific, frequently collected areas. These codes predate the use of Tracy, and many duplicate the information found in the Place Name field ...
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Internet Directory for Botany: Vascular Plant Families
... Dallwitz, M.J. (1995 onwards); from Kansas, USA. Field Systematic Botany (Botany 620), Department of Biology ... University Bioinformatics Working Group). Images from the TAMU-BWG Vascular Plant Image Database. ... Manual of North American Grasses, by the Intermountain Herbarium, Utah, USA. The Manual will provide identification ... , 59 genera and 303 taxa of specific and subspecific rank of the subfamily ...