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substrate molecule

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Molecule Illustrations
... substrate molecule (such as a disaccharide) forming an enzyme-substrate complex. While attached to the substrate, the enzyme causes a weakening of certain chemical bonds in the substrate molecule, resulting in a breakdown (hydrolysis) of the substrate ...

Botany online: Physical Chemistry - Mechanisms of Enzyme Catalysis
... substrate molecules, rather large. Their surface is not evenly structured but displays dent-ins, grooves, pockets, hollows etc. The part that binds to a substrate molecule is termed the active centre or substrate-binding site and is characterized by a shape complementary to that of the substrate molecule. Furthermore, certain ...

Photosynthesis - Other Approaches
... Rubisco is so abundant because of its inefficiencies. Rubisco will sometimes recognize oxygen as a substrate instead of carbon dioxide. In that case, the following set of reactions occur: As you ... involves a 4 carbon intermediate in the outer cells. The 4-carbon intermediate brings a molecule of carbon dioxide right into the bundle sheath cells, where it is dropped right next ...

Chemical Energetics
... in an energetically unfavorable (endergonic) direction, it uses the mechanism called coupling: it converts the substrate to something with higher chemical potential by using another reaction that is energetically favorable, ... places that have a tendency to participate in the donation of parts of the molecule: AMP ~ P ~ P. Traditionally, but incorrectly, these are referred as high-energy bonds and ...
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Propiedades químicas de un substrato - - - Chemical properties of a substrate - - -
... Propiedades químicas de un substrato - - - Chemical properties of a substrate - - - La química del substrato The substrate chemistry En el substrato o en el suelo, la química con relación a la planta ... may take the example of two possible chemical fertilizers: (1) Potassium nitrate ( formula KNO3 ) Its molecule contains two ions: K+ and (NO3)- The positive electrical charge of the first and the ...

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