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The Stenocactus collection
The Stenocactus collection Viewing this page requires a browser capable of displaying frames.

Cactus Gallery - Home > The Collection > Stenocactus
... Cactus Gallery - Home > The Collection > Stenocactus Home Photo Gallery Care Links Books Forum About Contact Αρχική ... ) Default language Home > The Collection > Stenocactus Stenocactus Stenocactus (Echinofossulocactus) 14 files, last one added on Apr 13, 2006 1 albums on 1 page(s) Random files - Stenocactus Last additions - Stenocactus Apr 13, 2006 Mar 31 ...

Cactus Gallery - Home > The Collection
... 1 files, last one added on Oct 24, 2005 StenocactusStenocactus pictures (former Echinofossulocatus) 1 14 Stenocactus Stenocactus (Echinofossulocactus) 14 files, last one added on Apr 13, 2006 Stenocereus 2 4 Stenocereus pruinosus ...
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Angiosperm Families - Cactaceae Juss.
... , Parodia, Pediocactus, Pelecyphora, Peniocereus, Pereskia, Pereskiopsis, Pilosocereus, Pseudorhipsalis, Pterocactus, Rebutia, Rhipsalis, Samaipaticereus, Schlumbergera, Sclerocactus, Selenicereus, Stenocactus, Stenocereus, Stephanocereus, Stetsonia, Strombocactus, Tacinga, Thelocactus, Uebelmannia, Weberbauerocereus, Weberocereus, Zygocactus. Economic uses, etc. Some edible ...

PlanetaCactus: Echinofossulocactus
... genus was denominated by G. Lawrence in 1841. Schumann formed a subgenus of Echinocactus called Stenocactus, which Berger elevated to the category genus, and still it is recognized like that in ...

Photo gallery of all Cactus (cacti) genera. New version
... in Nice, Monaco and Cannes Search WWW Search Acanthocalycium Disocactus Melocactus Stenocactus Acanthocereus Echinocactus Micranthocereus Stenocereus Acharagma Echinocereus Mila Stephanocereus Ariocarpus Echinomastus Miqueliopuntia Stetsonia Armatocereus Echinopsis Myrtillocactus ...

All Cactus Photos gallerie
... Neobuxbaumia Notocactus Opuntia Oreocereus Oroya Pachycereus Parodia Pediocactus Pereskia Pilosocereus Rebutia Rhipsalis Schlumbergera Sclerocactus Selenicereus Stenocactus Stenocereus Stetsonia Strombocactus Tephrocactus Thelocactus Trichocereus Turbinicarpus Uebelmannia Weberbauerocereus Yungasocereus
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... Harwood, TX based wholesaler of cacti. Kaktus - Henrik Helms Madsens great site. Large amount of stenocactus info. Kaktusy Wroclaw - Wroclaw Cactus Club site from Poland. Kens Bio-Web - Very large list ...

Au Cactus Francophone : Conseils de Culture
... , Bolivicereus, Borzicactus, Brasilicactus, Brasiliparodia, Cephalocereus, Cleistocactus, Clistanthocereus, Coleocephalocereus, Echinocactus, Stenocactus, Haageocereus, Hatiora, Neobuxbaumia, Ortegocactus, Pachycereus, Pereskia, Rhipsalis, Schlumbergera, Selenicereus, Seticereus, Setiechinopsis, Stenocactus, Thelocactus, Trichocereus, Uebelmannia De 10 15 degrs: Arrojadoa, Astrophytum ...

Au Cactus Francophone : Ariocarpus bravoanus : sur la brche
... de l'UNAM (Universit Nationale Autonome du Mexique) alors qu'il collectait des exemplaires de Stenocactus dans le cadre d'un projet d'herbarium. Sa description ft publie par Hernndez & Anderson ...
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