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spawning migrations

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Herring Biology - What is a herring?
... eight feet in length. In general, species of the herring family are characterized by large spawning migrations, with schools of fish traveling round trip distances of up to 3000 km. [2] Within ... for a dissecting knife in Damariscotta. The journeying fish are alewives faithfully completing their annual spawning migrations. For the most part, herring in the Gulf of Maine are similar in appearance. Upon ...

Herring Biology - Life Cycle
... Georges Bank and Brown Bank south of Nova Scotia. Spawning times vary for different populations of Atlantic herring. In the Gulf of Maine, spawning progresses in general from north to south, ... migrate to their winter grounds. The spawning migrations of herring in the Gulf of Maine have been studied by researchers and fishermen alike. In general, the spawning pattern of herring conforms to the ...
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