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rust resistant screws

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Patrol Table Plans
... sheet of 5/8" exterior plywood with one smooth sanded surface. Exterior penetrating finish 1" Rust resistant screws Waterproof glue Notes: When cutting top support you may use an 8 inch radius for ... are positioned to keep benches and top from sliding. Fasten the cleats in place with rust-resistant screws and water-proof glue. Finish with a nontoxic penetrating exterior finish. Return to top. Return ...

Patrol Table Plans
... parts are glued with water-proof glue and fastened with 4d galvanized finish nails or rust resistant screws. Return to top. Assembly Views: Return to top. Assembly Notes: Choose strong pieces of wood ... two seat supports. Sand all pieces to prevent splinters. Use rust-resistant screws and water-proof glue. Use water-proof glue and screws to fasten the seat supports and spreaders to the legs. Use ...
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