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precambrian gneiss

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Maryland Geological Survey: A Brief Description of the Geology of Maryland
... and igneous rocks underlie the sedimentary rocks of the Coastal Plain. Several domal uplifts of Precambrian gneiss mantled with quartzite, marble, and schist are present in Baltimore County and in parts of ... is very resistant to the attack of weathering and erosion. A broad valley floored by Precambrian gneiss and volcanic rock lies in the core of the anticline between the two ridges. The ...

FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA - Volume 1, Chapter 1
... in parts of Alaska (fig. 1.11). Intrusive igneous and metamorphic rocks (e.g., granites, gneiss) dominate the Canadian and Greenland shields, Newfoundland, and parts of the Appalachian Mountains and ... formations (fig. 1.7). At one time, sedimentary rocks covered it, but subsequent erosion exposed Precambrian formations and only left remnants of the sedimentary formations. A series of major lakes is ...

Maryland Geological Survey: A Geologic Walking Tour of Building Stones of Downtown Baltimore, Maryland
... ). This red granite is from Taivassalo, Finland, and is of Precambrian age, more than 544 million years old. Granite is ... gneiss. The gneiss formed during the same Precambrian Era as the granite. This is a good opportunity to compare the igneous granite with the gneiss ... of the quartz, feldspar, and mica, scattered throughout. In the gneiss, the same components tend to occur in alternating irregular ...

... in USA for recording diameter, girth, or basal area. Campanulate- Bell-shaped. Canadian Shield- The Precambrian nuclear mass centered in Hudson Bay around which, and to some extent upon which, the ... in regulating the growth characteristics of many plants. Glade- An open space in a forest. Gneiss- A metamorphic rock derived from either igneous or sedimentary formations. Graft incompatibility- Said of ...

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