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pine rockland

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CPC Plant Profile - National Collection of Endangered Plants
... Pine Rockland Endangered Plant Taxa in Miami-Dade County. Tallahassee, Florida: Florida Division of Forestry: Statewide Endangered and Threatened Plant Conservation Program. Gordon, D. 1992. Element stewardship abstract for pine rockland ...

Floridata: Tecoma stans
... and is naturalizing in South Florida. In South Florida, it invades dry disturbed sites, pine rocklands, and rockland hammocks. In the Pacific, it prefers wet or mesic sites. Culture Yellow elder will ...

Fairchild Explorer Program
... .E.1.2.2 Where We Live - Grade 4, Tuesdays Compare and contrast mangrove and pine rockland ecosystems by exploring the living and non-living using all senses, identifying plants and digging ...

South Florida Ecological Research
... and community (2001-present) In the pine rockland ecosystem, it has been long understood that periodic fire is a critical natural function. Yet, burning pine rocklands in the urban interface is ... biodiversity of pine rocklands in urban settings. Effects of fire regime on diversity in pine rocklands (1994-present) This long-term study will evaluate how different fire regimes affect pine rockland plant ...
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... here for more details Responses (): Submitted by: Howard Liebman Date Submitted: 5/27/2003 Location: Rockland County NY Synopsis: An itchy vine but not poison ivy. Click here for more details ... Submitted: 5/19/2003 Location: Mississippi Synopsis: Old poison ivy vines are cohabitating on several pine trees on Steve's property. Click here for more details Responses (): Submitted by: Chris Stromberger ...

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