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Gardening with Bevan & Margaret
... . Flowers follow in clusters of tiny, white scented blossom. Great hedge tree if kept pruned. PHYLICA PUBESCENS (Flannel Bush) Evergreen shrub with heath like leaves, which are a little hairy, flowers ...

HORTICOPIA® Plant Information
... Phebalium Phegopteris Phellodendron Philadelphus Phillyrea Philodendron Phlomis Phlox Phoenix Phormium Photinia Phragmites Phuopsis Phygelius Phyla Phylica X Phylliopsis Phyllostachys Physalis Physocarpus Physostegia Phyteuma Phytolacca Picconia Picea Pieris Pilea Pilosella Pilosocereus Pimelea ...

PlantZAfrica: Plant Species P,Q
... zonale Peltaphorum africanum Pentanisia prunelloides Petalidium bracteatum Petalidium coccineum Peucedanum polyactinum Phaenocoma prolifera Phoenix reclinata Phylica buxifolia Phylica pubescens Pittosporum viridiflorum Plectranthus ecklonii and Plectranthus in general Plectranthus fruticosus 'James' Plectranthus neochilus ...

Acmadenia obtusata
... loving fynbos species. This buchu is best displayed with companion plants such as Erica, Restio, Phylica species, Pelargonium betulinum, herbaceous perennials such as Lobelia valida, Geranium inacanum, as well as other ...
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