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N.J. Weed Gallery: Weed
... | Information | Publications | Counties | Rutgers' Cook College | Calendars | About Us N.J. Weed Gallery Common Reed Phragmites australis Photo by Dr. John Meade, weed scientist emeritus Rutgers Cooperative Research & Extension A large ...

CCE - Suffolk County: Links
... /bio/churchill.shtml Dr.Sandy Wyllie-Echeverria/University of Washington - Phragmites Phragmites Line Drawing - EUREED Bibliography - ...

CCE - Suffolk County: Cornell Marine Moments
... 2.57 mb The Fishing Industry WMV 2.54 mb Eelgrass WMV 2.51 mb Phragmites WMV 2.66 mb Humpback Whale WMV 2.64 mb
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Aboriginal Uses of Plants Around Sydney
... Young flowering stems, at Port Macquarie Avicennia australis Leafy expanding fruits roasted, in northern Australia Phragmites australis Young stems, in Tasmania Interestingly, it appears that Sydney Aborigines did not eat the ...

Eigen koi
... -Gele lis Juncus effusus -Pitrus Juncus glaucus -Blauwe bies Mentha aquatica -Watermunt Phalaris arundinacea -Rietgras Phragmites australis - gewoon riet Ranunculus lingua -Grote boterbloem Scirpus lacustris - mattenbies Sparganium erectum -Grote egelskop Typha ...

Butterflies of Monmouth County and Their Major Food Plants, Borough of Roosevelt, Fund for Roosevelt, Environmental Commission
... polyxenes Y Carrot, Parsley etc. spp. of Apiaceae Y Broad-winged Skipper Poanes viator Grasses Phragmites communis Y Bronze Copper Lycaena hyllus Docks includ. Sheep Sorrel Rumex spp. (includ. R. acetosella ... Catalog of GENT Mycological Herbarium Type Specimens
... , emphasis is made on the study of the genus Lactarius (world-wide) and microfungi on Phragmites australis (local). Curator: Prof. Dr. A. Verbeken, Collaborator: Ruben Walleyn ...

... bamboo, but is usually classified in the arundo tribe (Arundineae) along with common reed (Phragmites australis) and pampas grass (Cortaderia). Sugar cane (Saccharum officinarum), a large, woody grass ... like grasses called reeds, including Phragmites australis and Arundo donax. The name Canebrake Canyon in San Diego County is derived from the common reed (Phragmites australis). This native grass may ...

Australian Systematic Botany Society
... directly into the sea, but fed a string of small lakes surrounded by melaleucas, Typha, Phragmites, and of course river red gums. The colonists deprecated these as the 'reedbeds'. It must ...

Tico Ethnobotanical Dictionary -- R
... C) Red pepper: Capsicum (E) Red taro: Colocasia (E) Red wood: Platymiscium (E) Reed: Phragmites (E) REFRIGERANT: A substance which relieves thirst and reduces fever. Ananas, Basella, Clitoria, ... ROOT EDIBLE-RAW: Plants whose underground parts are edible unprocessed. Allium, Antigonon, Beta, Cyperus, Phragmites, Raphanus. Rosa de agua: Nymphaea (C) Roaslilna: Amaraboya (C); Meriania (C) Rosa laurel: ...

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