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pat loy

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Ontario Hosta Society:: Winter 2000 Newsletter
... , Pauline Intven-Casier, Catherine Keith, Owen Kelsey, Tom and Ruth Kendall, Keith Larocque, Earl Lindsay, Pat Loy, Ken MacDonald, Lorraine Macquarrie, Toyozo Nakayama, Irene Nicoll, Bonnie Priest, Melinda Barry and Raanan Mintz ...

Ontario Hosta Society:: Summer 2000 Newsletter
... prizes were donated by Humber Nurseries and were certainly worth the challenge of the contest. Pat Loy had a bit of fun with a cut-leaf show and various prizes were awarded ... to Brampton! See you in September at the Auction & bring your chequebook! Your roving reporter, Pat Loy FRAGRANT HOSTAS July and August are wonderful months for enjoying the heady, intoxicating scents of ...
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Fine Gardening Pronunciation Guide
... -brid-ah Anemone ranunculoides (ah-NEM-oh-nee rah-nun-kew-LOY-deez) Anemone sylvestris (ah-NEM-oh-nee sil-VES-tris) Anemonella ... Hemerocallis flava (hem-er-oh-KAL-iss FLAY-vah) Hepatica acutiloba (heh-PAT-ih-kah ah-kew-tih-LO-bah) Heptacodium miconioides (hep-tah- ... -bah) x heucherella_tiaralloides (ex hew-ker-EL-lah tee-ar-el-LOY-deez) Hibiscus moscheutos (hy-BIS-kus mos-KEW-tos) Hibiscus syriacus ( ...

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