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FLORA OF NORTH AMERICA - Volumes under Production
... .edu Wright, Robert A.S./ Neviusia Heikens, Alice Long/ * Oemleria Hess, William J./ * Peraphyllum Campbell, Christopher S./ Petrophyton Lis ...

About the Protocol Database
... viscosissimum :: Bromus vulgaris :: Lupinus rivularis :: Cornus nuttallii :: Lupinus latifolius :: Frangula purshiana :: Rubus spectabilis :: Rubus parviflorus :: Oemleria cerasiformis ::

Calflora Genus Index
... O About Calflora To find synonyms, use the Name Status search page. Odontostomum Odontostomum hartwegii Oemleria Oemleria cerasiformis Oenanthe Oenanthe pimpinelloides Oenanthe sarmentosa Oenothera Oenothera biennis Oenothera caespitosa Oenothera caespitosa ssp. crinita ...

CalFlora Family Index R
... (4) Horkelia (30) Horkeliella (2) Ivesia (29) Luetkea (1) Lyonothamnus (3) Malus (2) Neviusia (1) Oemleria (1) Peraphyllum (1) Petrophyton (3) Photinia (1) Physocarpus (2) Potentilla (46) Prunus (16) Purshia (4 ...
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... -May. Planted on Pine Ridge near Coe HQ and at Arnold Field. Native of Eurasia. Oemleria cerasiformis {++} (=Osmaronia cerasiformis). OSO BERRY. Shrub. Deciduous. Bl Mar-Apr. Canyons and moist hillsides. W ...

Dicots, Part 3
... . California-Holly. Shrub or small tree. Holodiscus discolor. Ocean Spray. Cream Bush. Shrub. Cliff Trail. Oemleria cerasiformis (Osmaronia cerasiformis). Oso Berry. Shrub. Potentilla glandulosa. Sticky Cinquefoil. Sticky Potentilla. Perennial. Prunus ilicifolia ...
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IDRI, Vegetation Profile
... .25%; B1 (upper shrub layer; 15%): Taxus brevifolia 0.25%, Oplopanax horridus 5-12.5%, Oemleria =Osmaronia cerasiformis 0.25%; B2 (lower shrub layer; 20%): Mahonia nervosa 1-5%, Gaultheria shallon ...

Wildlife of Pacific Northwest Coastal Rainforest
... racemosa Common Snowberry Symphoricarpos albus Sitka Mountain Ash Sorbus sitchensis Saskatoon Amelanchier alnifolia Indian Plum Oemleria cerasiformis Nootka Rose Rosa nutkana Salmonberry Rubus spectabilis Thimbleberry Rubus parviflorus Himalayan Blackberry (introduced) Rubus ...

Northwest Native Shrubs at Wallace W Hansen Native Plants of the Northwest
... ), hug the ground. Some, like Ocean Spray (Holodiscus discolor) and Indian Plum (Oemleria cerasiformis), grow up to 20 feet or even taller. Many, such as ... Shrubs. Ceanothus Elderberry (Caprifoliaceae) Hairy Manzanita (Arctostaphylos Columbiana) Huckleberry (Vaccinium) Indian Plum (Oemleria Cerasiformis) Oregon Grape (Mahonia) Ocean Spray (Holodiscus Discolor) Rhododendron Rose Introduction Rose, ...

Gardening with Native Plants by Wallace W Hansen Native Plants of the Northwest
... , flickers, vireos, wood ducks, grouse, pigeons, quail, bear, elk, rabbits. Orange sulfur butterflies use nectar. Oemleria cerasiformis (Indian Plum) Berries eaten by robins, waxwings, foxes, coyotes, bear and deer. Ribes sanguineum ...
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