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nvps journal

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nvps journal:
... nvps journal: National Viola and Pansy Society Journals and Newsletters | Plant profiles and histories | Viola Standards | Society Library | Suppliers of violas | Contact us 2003: | Spring Journal | Autumn Newsletter 2002: | ... AGM Malvern Spring Show Annual Show Colin Andrews MBE Viola Census National Collection Journal 2001 NVPS Cards Census Form Back to top of page Spring Newsletter 2001 Editorial ...

nvps journal:
... nvps journal: | HOME | main Journals page | contact us | National Viola and Pansy Society Journal 2001 The Census Results Firstly a big thank you to all of those who took ... repeat every few years, thus building up a picture of both popular and threatened varieties. Journal 2001 Editorial Annual Show News from Scotland Green Goddess Notes from a Novice International Register ...
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The National Viola and Pansy Society
... joining the National Viola and Pansy Society. They hold an annual show and produce a journal twice yearly. Membership is only 4 p.a. Contact John Snocken Cleeway Eardington Bridnorth Shropshire ... who is the journal editor and main contributor of historical notes on some varieties. Photographs by kind permission of John Snocken, of just some of his awards. Email the NVPS Front page ...

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