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non specific elicitors

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Plant Pathology: Infection Process: Plant Defenses: Genetics of Resistance
... non-specific elicitors, but almost always occur during a race-specific resistance response. This indicates that different signalling pathways, possibly convergent at some point, may be activated by non-specific and race-specific elicitors ...

Genetic engineering of plants to enhance resistance to fungal pathogens-a review of progress and future prospects
... single-transgene introductions. The use of tissue-specific or pathogen-inducible promoters, and the engineered expression ... . Key words: antifungal proteins, antimicrobial peptides, biotechnology, elicitors, hypersensitive response, pathogenesis-related proteins, phytoalexins, resistance genes, ... ainsi que celles de gènes antimicrobiens de source non végétale, dans une gamme d'espèces végétales ...

ICPP98 Paper Number 1.2.2
... and Hicks cells inoculated with either isolate. The specific response of this system is currently being compared with non-specific responses observed when glucan elicitors isolated from Ppn are added to cells from ... Ca2+) and LaCl3 (a specific calcium-channel blocker) lower both ROS production and the extent of the HR in the avirulent response and during a non-specific elicited response, while the ...