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Information about Nerine Amaryllis
... off an order of $50 White Flower Farm - Gardening Begins Here Nerine Amaryllis INFORMATION ABOUT NERINE AMARYLLIS... By: Nikki Phipps Nerine is a genus of 25-30 species in the Amaryllis family ... and divide the clumps when serious overcrowding diminishes the number of flowers. Common pests affecting Nerine species includes the amaryllis caterpillar, which can easily be picked off by hand. Commonly ...

The Amaryllis Family: Genus Nerine
... Crinum and Amaryllis (the Cape Belladonna). The bigeneric hybrid between Brunsvigia and Nerine is called Brunserine. Some Nerine species are confused with Brunsvigia, or perhaps vice versa. CULTURE Outside of ... widely available; blooms in as little as 2 years from seed. [More Nerine species] [List of Nerine species] Sir Peter Smithers spent many years hybridizing nerines. His collection was ...

The Amaryllis Family: Genus Nerine
... Amaryllis Family: Genus Nerine The Amaryllis Family: Genus Nerine Here are a few more species of Nerine. Nerine filamentosa is native to the Eastern Cape Province. It is a summer-growing species ... in winter, with the flowers appearing in late summer or autumn. [More Nerine species] [List of Nerine species] Sir Peter Smithers spent many years hybridizing nerines. His collection was transferred ...
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Nerine in Bloom
Nerine in Bloom *ブログ更新中* 2006年10月11日 活動予定を更新しました。重要!! 2006年09月09日 ネリネの通信販売を終了しました。 2005年07月01日 インフォブログ(独り言日記)をはじめました。 2005年11月23日 活動予定を更新しました。

Nerine in Bloom|栽培方法
... Bloom|栽培方法 ネリネ Nerine は種類が多く、厳密にいうとそれぞれが異なった性質を持っています ...
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Nerine. ' old rose'
... Suite101 hiring freelance writers | sign in Home サ Home & Garden サ Alpines and Bulbs サ Discussions サ Nerine. ' old rose' Nerine. ' old rose' Gary posting biogardener Watercolor robertquest Re: posting Sheils Is it Lycoris sprengeri ?? Judy2 Re: posting Gary Nerine. Old Rose. Rose99 Re: posting RayCox Re: Re: posting This archived discussion is " ...

Angiosperm Families - Amaryllidaceae Jaume St.-Hil.
... , Griffinia, Habranthus, Haemanthus, Hannonia, Hessea, Hieronymiella, Hippeastrum, Hymenocallis, Ismene, Lapiedra, Leptochiton, Leucojum, Lycoris, Namaquanula, Narcissus, Nerine, Pamianthe, Pancratium, Paramongaia Phaedranassa, Phycella, Placea, Proiphys (Eurycles), Pucara, Pyrolirion, Rauhia, Rhodophiala, Scadoxus, Sprekelia, Stenomesson ...

Alpine Garden Society
... NCCPG Neckera Nemastylis Nemesia Nemophila Neobaclea Neofinetia Neomarica Neopaxia Neopicrorhiza Neotinea Neottia Neottinia Nepal Nepeta Nerine Nertera Ness Nevada New New England New Zealand Nierembergia Nigella Nigritella Nolana Nomenclature Nomocharis Nonea ...

Alpine Garden Society
... ' Ivor Betteridge Allium thunbergii album Bob & Rannveig Wallis Massonia pustulata Ivor Betteridge Nerine humilis ssp humilis Ivor Betteridge Nerine humilis ssp humilis John Richards Primula florida Alan Furness Celmisia hybrid Alan Furness ...
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Open Directory - Science: Biology: Flora and Fauna: Plantae: Magnoliophyta: Liliopsida: Amaryllidaceae
... (1) Eucharis (1) Furcraea (4) Galanthus (1) Haemanthus (2) Hippeastrum (1) Lycoris (3) Narcissus (1) Nerine (0) Phaedranassa (1) Scadoxus (2) Sprekelia (1) Sternbergia (1) Zephyranthes (0) See also: Home: Gardening ...

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