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logging removes

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... logging removes the least flammable portion of trees--their main stems or "trucks," while leaving behind their most flammable portions--their needles and limbs, directly on the ground. Untreated logging slash can adversely affect fire behavior for up to 30 years following the logging operations. FACT: Commercial logging reduces the "overstory" tree canopy ...

... formation, and stream movement processes (Voller and Harrison, 1998). 9. Logging reduces the organic parent material (duff and woody residues) ... Logging is the removal of a long term, stabilizing force within the forest (Maser and Trappe, 1984, pg 19-par 5). 14. Logging removes ... 1999). 17. Logging is removing the needs of scavenger as well as competitors, which have enzyme (keys) systems. Also removes ...
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How to make great garden compost, bins explained.
... is that clayey soil become crumbly and retains the correct amount of water without water-logging; sandy soil retains moisture and therefore nutrients - it doesn't matter what soil type you ... , cheap but very effective. Compost is free! Addition of compost to the soil reduces or removes the need for expensive and dubious chemical additives. When compost is added to your soil ...

Forestry Glossary: C is for ... canopy, chlorophyll, and cotyledon
... at one time. This, in effect, removes the forest community. Regeneration can occur from natural seeding from adjacent trees, seeds in the slash or logging debris, planting or direct seeding. Eventually, an ...

Pinus serotina Michx
... acre) are required to provide adequate seed for establishment. Scarification with fire plows, disks, or logging equipment is sometimes effective in securing seedling establishment but is not as reliable as ... after fire, it may grow in pure even-aged stands until harvesting or mortality removes the dominant trees. Pond pine stands yield eventually to wetland hardwood species including oaks ( ...

Carya myristiciformis (Michx
... in the understory and then respond to release (5). Any partial cutting system that removes larger, faster-growing competition encourages nutmeg hickory. Damaging Agents- Fire damages hickory of all ... distinguishing it from the true hickories, nutmeg hickory is not separated from them during logging. Genetics No racial varieties or hybrids have been reported for nutmeg hickory. Literature Cited ...
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