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lilac leafminer

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Lilac Leafminer
... Lilac Leafminer Lilac Leafminer GardenLine | Common Saskatchewan Pests | Lilac Leafminer Gracillaria syringella (Fabricius) Bonnie Willie The lilac leafminer is an introduced insect that feeds primarily on the leaves of lilac ...

Common Saskatchewan Pests
... Common Saskatchewan Pests Birch Leaf Miner Attack of the Adelgid Beet Leafminer Black Knot Bronze Birch Borer Agrilus anxius (Bury) I Bronze Birch Borer II Bt (Bacillus ... disstria Herbicide Use in Yards and Gardens Kitchen Pests Kitchen and House Pests Lace Bugs Lilac Leafminer Mealy Bugs Mosquito - The Noteworthy Pests of 2003 Pesticides Alternatives to a Chemical Solution Pesticides ...
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