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Alpine Garden Society
... Lavatera Layia Leaf Leafmould Leatherjackets Lebanon Lecturing Ledebouria Ledodendron Ledum Leeds Legousia Leguminosae Leiophyllum Leiostemon Leontice Leontochir Leontodon Leontopodium Leopoldia Lepidium Lepidophyllum Lepisorus Leptarrhena Leptodactylon Leptodermis Leptospermum Leschanaultia Lesotho Lesquerella Letharia ...

Wisconsin Vascular Plants: Search Results
... thalictroides (L.) Michx. * + blue cohosh, papoose-root, squaw-root Caulophyllum thalictroides (L.) Michx. var. thalictroides Leontice thalictroides L. Jeffersonia (Genus Information, Photo Gallery and Map Gallery) Jeffersonia diphylla (L.) Pers. * + rheumatism ...

Rock Garden Plant Database
... Lappula Laretia Lasiorrhiza Lasiosiphon Lathyrus Launaea Laurentia Lavandula Layia Lecanophora Ledum Leionema Leiophyllum Leiospora Lembotropis Leontice Leontodon Leontonyx Leontopodium Lepidium Lepidostemon Lepidothamnus Leptarrhena Leptecophylla Leptinella Leptodactylon Leptorhynchos Leptosiphon Next page Version ...

Rock Garden Plant Database
Rock Garden Plant Database Rock garden plants Family BERBERIDACE Genus of BERBERIDACE Achlys Berberis Bongardia Ceanothus Epimedium Gymnospermium Jeffersonia Leontice Ranzania Sinopodophyllum Vancouveria Version 3.0 (c) 1990-2005 RNDr. Pavel Slabý
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Search for Drink - Plants For A Future database search
... 4 5 Juncus balticus Baltic Rush Drink 1 0 Laser trilobum Gladich Drink 2 0 Leontice leontopetalum Rakaf Drink 1 1 Lepidium fremontii Desert Pepperweed Drink 2 0 Mahonia aquifolium Oregon ...

Scottish Rock Garden Club - >Feature Article
... of the very dry bulb sites mentioned in my previous article (August 2003) was either Leontice armeniacum (left) or L. leontopetalum subsp. ewersmannii (right). These unusual members of the Berberis family ...

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