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large cupped

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Condesa de Sastago
... anywhere close to exibition form. She might make a good open bloom though, with her large cupped blooms. The flowers are double with about 50 to 60 petals, salmon red with a ...

August 2005 - Rose of the Month
... is [La Reine x seedling]. The bloom size is about 3-1/2 inches with large cupped, double bloom form consisting of 40 or more petals. It is eligible for Dowager Queen ...

September 2004 - Rose of the Month
... . (Note the photo of that outstanding entry, also taken by John Mattia.) Marilyn Monroe presents large, classically formed blooms on long stems that are perfect for cutting. The outer petals are ... the hybrid tea Black Magic. However, in coastal areas and desert climates, this rose presents large cupped pointed blooms of perfect hybrid tea form. Some like it hot - and this rose is ...
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American Daffodil Society Divisions & Cultivars
... than the petals. There is one bloom per stem. Division 2 - Large-Cupped Daffodils Pacific Rim, 2 Y-YYR The cup length measures more ... the petals. There is one bloom per stem. Division 3 - Small-Cupped Daffodils Emerald Light, 3 W-GYO The cup length measures not ... daffodils in the "hoop petticoat" form pictured above. Division 11 - Split-Cupped Daffodils Garbo, 11a W-P Daffodils have cups split at least ...

American Daffodil Society Pannill Award
... white large-cupped daffodil bred by Grant Mitsch, 1997 (Sources: 3) See Photo. ‘Homestead’, 2 W-W, an all white large-cupped daffodil ... large-cupped daffodil with red rim, bred by Grant Mitsch, 2000 (Sources: 5, 7) 'Geometrics’, 2 W-Y, a white and yellow large-cupped daffodil, bred by Sidney DuBose, 2001 (Sources: 6), See Photo. ‘Conestoga’, 2 W-GYO, a large-cupped daffodil ...
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What bulbs do well in mild winter areas of California? - California Gardening
... large orange-red cup and smallish, deep yellow petals ‘Binkie’ -- large sulfur yellow cup that fades to white, sulfur petals ‘Bridal Crown’ -- double-flowered, pure white ‘Carlton’ -- large-cupped, soft yellow ‘Ceylon’ -- large pale orange deepening to orange red cup, golden petals ‘Cheerfulness’ -- white double tazetta ‘Delibes’ -- large-cupped, ... Roses
... : Roses Abraham Darby Yellow Cushion x Aloha David Austin; Delbard,English Shrub, pb, 1985 Fragrant, large, cupped old fashioned blooms of pink peach apricot fading to creamy gold on a sturdy, vigorous ... Roses Roses English Garden Lilian Austin x (seedling x Iceberg) David Austin; Delbard Roses, 1988 Shrub, ab, 1990 Large, cupped, very double flowers of soft apricot yellow. Very fragrant. Clear green foliage; bushy vigorous growth. Planted late in 2000, so it's too soon to judge. The flowers are gorgeous, if you like the Austin style. Return to rose list Return to rose home
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... ; daffodil and narcissus are used interchangeably although in commerce daffodil often refers to ones with large trumpets; jonquil actually refers to jonquilla species; name from the mythical Greek youth Narcissus who ... miniatures. 2. Large-cupped daffodils of garden origin, one flower per stem, corona over a third the length of petals but not as long as, 14-18" tall. 3. Small-cupped daffodils of ...

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... in Iowa without protection. Country Music (1973) Deep pink shrub. Large, ovoid Neyron rose buds open to flowers that are large, cupped, or slightly quartered, double pale neyron rose, darker on the reverse ... protection. Countryman (1978) Pink blend shrub. The large ovoid-pointed buds are light rose bengal (RHSCC 57C opening to double (25-30 petals), cupped, open 4-5 inch blooms of light rose ...

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