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The Haworthia Society for Haworthias, Aloes, and Gasterias; the study, conservation and propagation of these South African succulent plants .
... Menu End of Sidebar [ Back to Start of Sidebar ] Start of Content [ Skip Content ] The Haworthia Society The International Society for the study, propagation and conservation of Haworthias, Gasterias, Aloes, ... page (a specimen of Haworthia bruynsii) is from the article "Haworthia Show 2002" by Derek Tribble published in Haworthiad, Vol.16 No.3 (October 2002) p.108. © The Haworthia Society 2006 End ...

Haworthia Society: A Simple Description of Haworthias
... small succulent plants native to South Africa. They are related to Aloes and Gasterias. The Haworthia Society is concerned with their study, propagation and conservation. [D] Haworthias in the wild ... of Haworthia "Wonder Park" Ham 2790) is from the article "Small Haworthias and Haworthia parksiana hybrids" by Harry Mak published in Haworthiad, Vol.16 No.2 (June 2002) p.56. © The Haworthia Society ...
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Haworthia: Cultivation
... Haworthia: Cultivation Shop | Cultivation | Literature | Gallery | Links | News | Contact Hints on cultivation of Haworthias and Gasterias ... roots, using material from the old roots. This is especially true of members of the Haworthia genus, or more simply the soft-leaved species. This means that prolonged periods of wetness ...

Haworthia.Com: Your Haworthia Resource
Haworthia.Com: Your Haworthia Resource Haworthia.Com The World-Wide Haworthia Resource Subgenus Haworthia Subgenus Hexangularis Subgenus Robustipedunculares Take the Virtual Trip to South Africa  RSA Map What's New? Search this Site  Vendors Site Map The List Links Visit the Greenhouse Species  Books About This Site What are Haworthias? Haworthia Cultivation Send me an e-mail

Haworthia: Books & special issues
... pages (17 x 24.5 cm), 93 b/w fotos, contents, introduction Title New Haworthia species/combinations ... Alsterworthia International No. 7, December 2004 Publisher Alsterworthia International ISBN 0-9534004 ... map, named before Informationsheft "Die anderen Sukkulenten e.V." (Heft 46), Beschreibung einiger neuer Haworthia-Taxa Title kaktusy 2002 speciál 1 Publisher Society of Czech and Slovak Cactus ...

Subgenus Haworthia
... Subgenus Haworthia Haworthia.Com Subgenus Haworthia Vendors The List Links Visit the Greenhouse angustifolia arachnoidea aristata bayeri blackburniae bolusii chlorocantha cooperi ...

Haworthia cymbiformis
Haworthia cymbiformis Art Gallery pen-and ink drawings H / Haworthia cymbiformis Author - Tomas Kriz

Haworthia fasciata
Haworthia fasciata Art Gallery pen-and ink drawings H / Haworthia fasciata Author - Tomas Kriz
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Haworthia Haworthia Haworthias come from Southern Africa. They are attractive and undemanding succulents mainly grown for their leaf colour and markings as the flowers are small and not brightly coloured,

... Haworthia Home Welcome What's New? Haworthia CVs & Hybrids Conophytum Adromischus Artwork Leicester Faces Feedback Search Translation Links Site Map Plant List Seed List Artwork List Haworthia Haworthia Galleries - 1a ... a lightly shaded UK greenhouse. Propagation Click this hyperlink to go to our Haworthia Propagation Gallery. Various methods of propagation we have found both interesting and useful ...

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