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grow sandersonia

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Sandersonia Aurantiaca
... Sandersonia Hello world, We grow sandersonia and Littonia modesta flowers and tubers. We would love to do some exporting around the world. Most of you will be familiar with the sandersonia flower I guess. The Littonia is a flower which I have not found on the Internet yet. We grow ... may be of interest to my boss. We also grow Sandersonia aurantica (and plant the pointy ends up), lots of ...

xxxxxxx aceae: The Colchicum Family
... The Colchicum Family The Colchicaceae Family: Introduction The Colchicaceae is the colchicum family. The plants grow from underground corms covered in tough papery tunics. The flowers have 3 styles that ... Lily, which is native to southern Africa. Other genera in this family include Baeometra, Littonia, Sandersonia, and Wurmbea. The older usage of the family Liliaceae was an all-inclusive collection ...

Seed Germination Database
... the seed. Cover the container with a piece of glass or plastic and grow in the dark in a steady temperature of 60F. This is quite ... do not allow to get too dry. If it is not possible to grow warm then keep them drier. Subsequent years keep relatively dry through the winter ... drained S For Patens & Superba see No. 14. (Pre-chill for 3 weeks). Sandersonia HHBB 30-90 X 75 Well drained 1/8" See No. 13. ...